Firefox Claims IE 6's Lost Market Share



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I don't want MS to own Firefox but I would like to see a partner ship there and have Firefox integrated with Windows. 



Why would you want FireFox, or any browser for that matter, to be integrated into Windows?  Ideally we should be able to plug any browser we like into Windows and use it for all our browsing needs.

I like to see IE losing marketshare because it means that there's going to be healthy competition out there.  I don't want to see any browser have more than 50% of the market because it ensures that developers out there have to build sites that work across all the browsers rather than just targeting IE like they used to do.



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tkddan87 IE6 and IE7 are losing shares to ff ... id still think its kind of incredible that old rollouts are still holding thier own against ff. other than being a part of the whole, why does it matter since MS is hell bent on pushing IE8.

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