Firefox 6 Reaches Beta Stage, Now Available for Download



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Holly Golightly

I am running FireFox5, and it sort of feels like a beta with "connecting" issues. Still, it is my most preferred browser over chrome and internet explorer. I think what they should do is release as 4.5, and then 5.0, 5.5, 6.0 and so on and so forth. Releasing a new version almost every month is waaay too fast. As for Chrome, nobody really knows what number Chrome is on, and that is the very simplicity so many people seem to prefer. The thing I always hear is that every new version of chrome works with all its old apps. I nearly went lucky with FoxTab and FoxScape, but there are plenty of extentions that do not work with the new work with the latest FireFox, so to be working on FireFox 7 or 8... Just seems a little far out. By next summer, we will be running FireFox 13. In the world of technology, we must embrace innovation, but at some point, it goes to fast for the mainstream media to adapt, making Chrome the more ideal browser to switch to.



Lets shuffle some icons around and call it an all new version



I'm already running Firefox 7.....



Gotcha beat - 8.0a1 :D



IMO Mozilla has run off the rails with their high speed releases of new versions. I had barely gotten used to 4.0 when 5.0 release version appeared. I installed it on a Win7x64 PC and due to its many instabilities I fell back to 4.0 to await 'fixes'. Now they have 6.0 in Beta? This tells me they likely will not spend any time fixing 5.0. If 6.0 carries over the same bugs, we will end up with a continously morphing "Mozilla Vistafox", and never see another stable version again. They need to slow down and keep Firefox the best browser as it has been in the past. I'll take stability over bells and glitz any day. --- Then there is the issue of unsupported plugins. I'll be really surprised if all those making Firefox plugins will even attempt to keep up. Some may simply decide it isn't worth the effort to try to keep up anymore, and so will stop making plugins for products like Logmein, for example.


I Jedi

I recently had a client, who updated her browser to Firefox 5.0, and she couldn't seem to get WoT to work for her. Needless to say, I had to instruct this person on how to role back to a previous version of Firefox in order to make her add-ons work again. The only reason Mozilla is doing this is because it is trying to keep up with Google Chrome's frequent update intervals. In other words, Firefox is being released rapidly, so it seems like support is alive and thriving.


Mighty BOB!

And here I am still on 3.6.....


Talcum X

Still running 3.6 as well. I just remember 4.0 released just a few months ago....and it didn't display several websites properly.  I figured the current ver. was 4.1 or something.  Imagine my surprise when I went to Mozilla and found 6 for DL.   WHAT?  where was 5?  Where was 4.1 for that matter?  We cant keep up with the changes and neither can Norton Security Suite.

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