Firefox 5 Ships on Time, Now Available for Download



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how about you get the last one rite before you release the next one?

fire fox 4 is still buggy as all hell! The yager java crap does not work steady at all. I will NOT REINSTALL ALL MY OTHER SOFTWARE SO YOURS CAN WORK RITE! every other browser out there manages just fine to run on my system, but firefox 4 chokes.

so we just jump to the next version never fixing the last one. And here I thought we were trying to be better than microsoft, nope. JUST LIKE THEM!



Read the article, it's not that long.  PAy special attention to the following quote;

"And while there aren't a ton of changes in Firefox 5, Mozilla's mechanics rooted out 1,053 bugs under the hood for what's hopefully a smoother ride."

Happy now?



I concur with Dysthimia.  Software developers have changed the way they version their releases, and it's misleading.  Now, other groups are changing their version numbers faster so they don't look like they are falling behind.  If there isn't a major functionality or interface change, it should just be a sub-version release.  In some cases, they're releasing new "versions" for what should just be a dot-drop (i.e. 4.0.1), all because they haven't had a new version in 6 months.

This is one of the negative effects of the agile programming movement. Because software teams are encouraged to go through the development steps more quickly (over smaller parts), they have taken that as a queue that they should be versioning faster.



Virtually nothing but bug fixes? Shouldn't it be 4.1 then? Before you know it we're gonna be on Firefox 37.



Exactly.  I think this new trend in the browser market is stupid.  The way Firefox used to do it was the right way - make a browser last for 3 years and then move it up again.  Having Firefox 5 come out already is just stupid.  I don't want to have Firefox 37 in a couple of years.

We shouldn't be seeing Firefox 5 until 2013 or 2014 IMO.



That certainly hasn't stopped Chrome.

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