Firefox 4 Final Available One Day Ahead of Official Release



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I downloaded it and am having troubles with Xmarks.  A pop-up keeps showing up asking for my PIN at least once an hour.  Anyone else having this problem?



       Chrome and Firefox 4.0 RC are my only two browsers. I've found Chrome to be buggy plus my extensions don't always work properly. The other bookmarks bar is beyond annoying and I hate how it doesn't have a proper bookmarking tool. I had problems with the FF 4.0 beta opening slowly, but after the release candidate it started opening quickly again. I'm going to download the final release today on my machines.
       Everyone's computer will react differently to the new browser. Low powered machines may have trouble loading quickly. If you're a Windows user, clean your registry (CCleaner), degrag XP Vista/7 and run a disk error check XP Vista/7. Your extensions can cause it to open slowly or load pages slower than normal. Remove all your extensions then try it again to see if that may be the problem.




Still slower to boot than may recently updated IE (and a version of Chrome I tried months ago) and not sure I'm seeing any real page loading difference, either.

If not for a couple of Add-ons (most especially, Tab Mix Plus) I'd probably be looking elsewhere for a browser.



Finally, my favorite browser has been updated! Now half my add-ons don't work, the button layout is completely different, and it feels a little slower loading web pages!

Seriously though, I am thrilled with the new version (especially now that it takes up less vertical screen real-estate) and couldn't resist getting it a day early. I was already online, so why would I wait?



<recursion> Yeah yeah, it's my birthday, it's my birthday, yeah yeah!!!!!!!!!! </recursion>

<recursion> <emphasis> FIREFOX 4 FTW! </emphasis> </recursion>


Okay, enough :P. Just went a little to overboard lol.

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