Firefox 3 Ships, Vulnerability Discovery Follows



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That the Firefox developers will quickly find a fix and deploy it in a timely manner. That is not the case with some other browsers, who shall remain nameless. I am actually glad that this was found in Firefox, now it can be corrected and we can move on with our lives.

It is curious that the exploit was brought to light after v3.0 was released sinceit also affected FF 2.0 as well. Sour grapes maybe?


Keith E. Whisman

Apple has secret agents that dress and act like open source junkies. Although I only have circumstantial evidence to this I believe these agents actively work on destroying non-apple made software like Firefox and IE6-7 because they are direct competitors to Apple's stupid Safari browser.



Every release has a bug or set back, can't blame a company for missing something here or there.

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