Firefox 3.6 is 40% More Stable than at Launch, Better than 3.5



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Could we now have Firefox start up in less time than it takes to boot a computer and, while we're at it, cut back on the enormous amount of resources it draws (and grows) upon in use?

The elephant in the room is that Firefox is becoming the elephant - not that it crashes simply because of faulty Plug-ins or Add-ons. A 'Lite', more responsive Firefox is required or it will lose more market share (and thus, developers) to Chrome


I Jedi



Binkie van Es , netherlands antilles

I never bothered much with Firefox untill Microsoft explorer started crashing on me at a rate of between 10 and 30 times per browsing session of 2 hours. I use windows seven in 64 bit version and I gather from a lot of blogs that flashplayer is to blame. I am using Firefox now version 3.6 an lo and behold: no more crashes, an occasional temparary freeze that solves itself within a minute or two . I consider myself a windows and microsoft fan but as far as the browser goes I happily converted to Firefox. It took only a few hours to get used to the different dashboard and I dont think I will return to Microsoft explorer

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