Firefox 11 Beta Bounces into View with Chrome Migration



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Vente tres, just like when Ubuntu started "fast tracking" beta releases I too have become disenchanted with what used to be something simple and pure; Like Chrome is now, 6 months is plenty 90 days maybe too short.



I now officially don't care about any Firefox release that doesn't result in fixing the damned memory draw.



Mozilla needs to slow the hell down.

FireFox has become more and more unstable as these Ninja releases come out. And now it takes FOREVER to launch.

I'd be happy if they retro'd back to version 5 or 6 and cleaned it up first.



What they are doing is taking the currently unstable version number, breaking more features, adding one to the version number, and releasing it. Rinse and repeat. "Stable" Firefox ended somewhere back around version 4 or 5. You'll never see another stable version. I wonder what the hell they actually think they are getting out of this rapid-reject mind set? From what I read all they're doing is pissing off previously loyal users.

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