Firefox 10 Touches Down on Stable Release Channel



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Don't like Firefox today? Stick around. They'll release another unstable version tomorrow.



I never have any issues with Firefox(other than the breaking plugins), always update to the latest version and I am using a homebuilt rig. Curiously enough during the browser tests that Toms does, they never report any problems with Firefox crashing, freezing or using a ton more memory than any of the other browsers. Sounds like there is something else on your systems that is interfering with Firefox and that the browser itself is not your problem.



How about fixing the damn memory leaks they claim were fixed awhile back? Yesterday, firefox was consuming 1.6GB (thats GIGAbytes) of RAM on my system. It's slow, it's kludgy and it's bloated. I used to love Firefox, but I'm just about ready to switch to Chrome. Get your act together, Mozilla!




What extensions are you running? Something else is afoot there. I've never had Firefox use more than 1GB. That's with 37 tabs open over 6 days....god bless tab candy(group tabs).


I Jedi

I'm kinda starting to agree with your statement that you made at the end. Firefox has been messing up a lot for me ever since they went into hyper-active release mode with their updates. The browser literally crashes on me more often when running third party applications, like Flash. It'll also just randomly freeze up and lock out to the point where I have to kill the process and restart the browser. I like Firefox a lot, but Chrome isn't giving me nearly as much trouble when it comes to Firefox.



Looks like it's time to go and update Waterfox.



If only. They've posted that there seems to be an instability with the builds. Oh well, I guess I'll continue using an outdated, 7 week old browser.

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