Finland to Decriminalize Open Wi-Fi Networks



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I don't think people have to lock down their wifi just as people aren't technically required to lock their doors and secure their houses when they leave. I mean, if you don't secure your wifi, you're just asking to have issues. If you leave your house unsecured, whose fault is that (yeah bad analogy but you get the idea)? Anyway, a good networking structure would provide unsecured wifi for customers while having a secured site for the business anyway. So I find "locking down" unsecured wifi unnecessary. Yes I do know that folks don't always follow good networking procedure, but I don't see that as an excuse (because there are resources for that subject). 



Ignorance is man's greatest enemy.



This wasn’t about someone having access to private information because of an unsecured Wi-Fi access point.  The guy worked for a bank, the bank wasn’t allowing the information to be sent over the Wi-Fi signal.  The guy already had access to the funds he just happened to use a Wi-Fi signal to commit the crime, the resulting law makes as much sense as outlawing fruits because someone used a banana in the pocket claiming it was a gun to commit a robbery.  It wasn’t the banana, it was the guy robbing the place.



Wasn't there a court ruling in the US recently where a guy was found guilty of copyright infringement because he left his wifi unencrypted? Another person was using his connection for bittorrent and the court ruled he was culpable because it was his duty to ensure his connection was not used for unlawful purposes, something like that. Pretty damned retarded if you ask me.

Makes me wonder what they'd do if it was a legitimate hotspot. How the hell could a business ever provide one if they have to be responsible for what others do on the network. Wasn't this whole line of thinking already shot down in the courts ages ago, that you couldn't be held responsible for what others do? 



I believe conventional unprotected Wi-Fi should be legal, but organazations who must keep information about others secret are obligated to use protected Wi-Fi or none at all. Government shouldn't be allowed to judge residental networks, but the security of a bank's network (or similar organization) should come under scrutiny.



I agree, residental users shouldn't have to lock up tight; but the business, industrial, and corporate sectors should by reason of common sense since they do handle sensitive information.



In the USA business do have to secure info if they fall under the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX), Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA), Health Insurance Portability and Accountabililty Act (HIPAA), Payment Card Industry (PCI) Standard.  Granted most of them say WEP is just fine so take it with a grain of salt.



as long as the internal network the WiFi is broadcasted from is physically (or atleast virtually) seperate from the internal network important financial or medical data is stored upon then I don't see a problem even if the incoming Internet connection is shared but WEP should never be used & WiFi should ideally be avoided as a primary business networking media



So long as people finally get that WEP=/=security. 



I think everyone should be legally required to do whatever they want.



Hey, let's ask a stupid question at the end of all our news stories and hopefully people will comment.  Look, I just did.



Hey, lets see if I can find a douchebag comment after every news story. Look, I just did.

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