Finally, an iPhone App that will Help You Beat the Odds: Card Counting



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I agree that the ones using this application should be punished by law because it is a felony. But the ones that have the brains and can card read without any help from a program, why should they be kicked out of casinos? I like to gamble online on . At least I don't get kicked out of a casino.


nsk chaos

I will definatley pull out my iTouch during the middle of a card game now =). TYVM. lol



This app is what the big deal is about?  An application that hones ones skill at card counting?  C'mon ... Nevada gambling regulators just wanted a reason to go on a road trip to all the casinos and charge it to the taxpayers.



I believe the issue wasn't that it honed your skills, but rather did the counting for you.  I think the reality was that no one was really using it, except for in the stupid casinos where they let you fool around with your phone every hand.   Every casino I went to, they want you out for the hand/set of hands if you use your phone just to take a call.

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