"Fiji" Update for Windows Media Center RTMs, Exact Features Still a Mystery



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 I want to see the ability for Windows Media Centre to use codecs and plugins that are already installed (DivX, XVid, etc) and not requre multiple packages with special installers to get them to work.

 Also, multiple TV-Tuner support would be nice. Picture in Picture as well as record on one channel and watch on another would be a welcome addition!

 I'd also like to see, the ability to view video files by file-name only and not a crappy thumbnail from some obscure time in the video file. That would make finding movies, tv shows and videos that have been obtained outside of Windows Media Player  much easier! Oh, and fast forwarding and rewinding of those files would be a nice addition. As it stands, if you want to FF or RW a DivX or XVid file, you have to use the "chapter skip" button.

Maybe a playlist feature for video files would be nice. And the ability to listen to internet radio streams easier!

Ok, I think I'm done now!


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The true question is, why would I care for the Fiji update?



Fiji adds several new features. However, the most salient one in my mind is Clear QAM support. No more beta plugins from Hauppauge or AverMedia is required. With Fiji, Clear QAM digital cable support is built-in. Vista Media Center will now identify digital tuners, treat them separate from analog tuners, and be able to find these QAM channels in webguide.

 Unfortunately, one major problem with Fiji is that DVR-MS files are history ... now all recorded TV goes into a new file format called WTV. Although this has been speculated to be just a different wrapper, the problem is non-Fiji Vista installations won't recognize this file format and will not be able to play it. Nor will Windows Media Player on non-Fiji Vista or WinXP systems. Nor will DVRMSToolbox, or other commercial skip add-in utilities. This may change with time, but right now the WTV format effective traps the content onto the patched systems.

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