The Fight for eBook Publishing Rights



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IMO, it doesn't friggin matter what medium the words are shown/printed/displayed in, it's still the intellectual property of the author who spent many, many weeks and months in front of a word processor typing out all of his or her thoughts. It's the author who spent many days stuck and frustrated trying to piece together his or her thoughts into a coherant, researched for accuracy, entertaining string of words for us to enjoy. If you aren't retained by the author or the author yourself, it doesn't friggin matter if it's written in digits, on paper, airplane smoke, water or aligned stars in the universe. The AUTHOR is the only one who owns the work he or she labored so hard to create.


To say or think otherwise is purely selfish, idiotic and greedy. Just because you have your child in someone's house, it doesn't make the owner of that house the parent. 

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It seems to me that publishers are about to be in the same boat as the record labels due to technology making those old ways of doing business obsolete. I love the idea of an auther or artist being able to put their work out there for the world without interference from some self-important suit dictating the how's and whys.


Have you ever wondered why intelligence can normally be found in an individual, but runs screaming in terror from a group? Though, there are exceptions...



   I doubt the authors of a published book makes more than a fraction of what the publisher and bookstore gets. Like music, the only real benefit was for promotion (Sara Palin anyone?). I could very well see a website that just sells e-books withour DRM and in a non-propietary format. It is inevitable. Would the authors get more money from this scheme? I hope so.



 I'm a author myself, self publishing though Lulu which does print on demad not bulk printing. Before i even decide a cover rate printing "overhead" is $15 a book.I can only imagine the overhead when the books are preprinted and the publisher is "banking" on your title. At least i can set mycover price

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