Fermi Previewed and Benchmarked (in Far Cry 2)



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 Since I have three monitors, I would need Nvidia to come out with something like ATI's Eyefinity (For multimonitor gaming without having to use software such as SofTH, which I have had problems with).



These cards are really nice and all(GF100 and 5970 etc), but for someone with a quad core CPU, a GTX260, and a1680X1050 screen, I see little or no reason to upgrade from my GTX260. I haveno bottlenecks, I can max out the settings on %95 of new games at high FPS, andmy current card is quiet and runs relatively cool. 
Nvidia and ATi are putting out great products, and the new generation seems tocontinue that trend, but unlike previous generations, I do not see a lot ofpress/advertising/spin about upgrading, and the benefits I would get. 

In my mind, Eyefinity, the Nvidia analogue and their 3D tech are all nichegimmicks. The price of entry is too high, and it's too complicated for mostusers (those folks who make up the majority of the red and green customerbase). As such, they do not represent much of a value proposition making melean towards upgrading. 

I guess my question is... in three months, or 6 when supply gets higher, whyshould I upgrade?



 If you look at it from a CAD point of view, the faster the card, the faster the renders.




Some companies make all of their money by being the best and most expensive of a particular type of item.

No use 'competing with Wal-Mart' as it were.



True, but that's how AMD/ATi killed Nvidia with the last generation desktop cards. The HD4xxx series cards were madly popular and far outsold the GTX and GTS series from Nvidia, not to mention the GTS cards were not even new tech, just shrunk 9800 and 9600 series.

The sub-$200 market is where both red and green make all of their money, and to put it simply, tech that comes out in March may not give me any benefit over technology from June 2008;


I'm not saying that they will be bad, but when the GTX series and HD4xxx series came out, there were HUGE reasons to upgrade. Performance, AA/AF abilities, better multi-card support, etc.

 I just don't see them pushing upgrade options this time around, which makes me wonder just how successful the new generation will be compared to previous ones. 



The only real gain wil be DX11 support. I just built an all AMD rig much like the MaximimPC sub $800. build in this months magazine, bought Dirt2 and was amazed at the difference, and ease at which my rig ran said game.

Other than DX11 I agree with you, your GTX260s will pretty much do the job.



 OK we get it its a good card but, how much are they going to cost and is it going to be running hot at stock clocks and when will we actually see a real one?

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Bout freakin' time.

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Fudzilla is reporting that the other card is a GTX 285. Also, how the heck can one even speculate on what the cards are? I watched the videos, there is no shot at all of either card. only thick accents. As far as I know, the whole thing could be a 5870 vs gtx 260. Not saying it is, I have no idea what the actual numbers are for said cards. Just saying there is no proof the cards are what is being reported is true.

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 I agree, until we get some real proof that it is a Fermi card, no point in getting all worked up!


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If these cards are as good as they make them out to be, I just hope they come out before my EVGA step up window closes. 

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As far as I know they are still aiming for end of March.



 Will be REALLY, REALLY high, what with a chip that is 40nm and 60% bigger than ATI's (and we all know that ATI had huge number of 5870 cards just waiting to be shipped.. and waitng.. and waiting...)

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