Female Online Gamers Have More Sex, Are Happier



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Woman who play online are usually in the middle of a sausage fest, they get flirted on by half the guys in the games and they like every bit of all the attention they get. 



All I know is that EverQuest was responsible for two of my past girlfriends and almost a third one. So, yeah, good times all around.


Hg Dragon

Hey, isn't Billy Mitchell that pretentious d-bag from that documentary about the guys fighting over the Donkey Kong record? How the "F" did he end up considered as "the face of gaming" for the past 25 years?

No wonder most people think gamers are dysfunctional loners slightly removed from reality.



And by sex they mean cybering.


Holly Golightly

As a girl who plays PC games, I will admit that my relationships have always been long. My current relationship is 5 years, and our 6 year anniversary is coming up. Before this relationship, the one before it lasted 3 years. Maybe playing videogames does help. Although I hardly play online. I just started playing DC Universe, and I do not see a change in my sex life. I am very happy with my current relationship status. I play games like Stalker and Alice Madness Returns to vent out. Overall, this survey is true for the most part, with the exception of the online feature changing sex life. I guess there is only one way to find out, keep playing DC Universe Online non-stop.



This kind of journalism is just plain lazy. A study backed by a gaming company.  Please ..... And statistics can be made into anything. 98% of people know that. 



That last line cracked me up. good job :D



I think you could account for this statistic with the following logic.


Women in relationships with male gamers have a far higher chance to play some of the male's games, normaly in attempts to get more attention for the male, or they have nothing better to do when they are done in the kitchen and said male is at work.  Might as well test drive the 9000 dollar computer rig only to find, HEY this minecraft thing is pretty fun!

This is probably why 95% of the female gamers exsist, its due to a proximity of such content in the home because the male they are with is into it.  And they dont have kids, and the dishes are done (natrually)

They females play the games, and suddenly the male and the female that are already together have new content to talk about.  With more conversation comes more relationship, with more relationship comes more sex.

ONLY RARELY does a gamer girl get seperated from her relationship, how having the taste for games, and a PC computer which they are now also without.

Enter every nerd's wet dream. 

However realize that seperation only occurs if said female had failed to complete dishes in the first place.. so now we are talking about a female that doesn't finish up in the kitchen, reguardless of what she does with her free time.

Which makes the female null & void anyway.




Holly Golightly

Wow... That really sounded a little sexist. Today, women are doing more. We work, we pay our own bills, and yes, we play online games. There is now more to a woman's than being in the kitchen. If the man does not like it, then he, himself will be alone without said female. Also, not every game is designed for men you know. The Sims is a smash hit among lady gamers like myself. Open your eyes, there are more women playing games than you think.



Who builds a 9000 dollar computer to play minecraft? :P



The study does not say who or what these females are having sex with.



It's official, female gamers are more likely to have sex with Billy Mitchell. King of Kong indeed.



So if I could get my wife to play games online we would have more sex? Interesting.. 


Also; should that be " watch LESS tv"? How can they play games, watch more TV and have more sex?



They are too distraced to notice you humping them from behind.






I wanna see a height-to-weight ratio statistic of these "happier female gamers."  ;)



I was thinking that, too, especially since female gamers watch more TV than their non-gaming counterparts.  This higher-sex number could just be an artifact of lowered expectations.



...and unfortunately males who game online are less social and have less sex. :(



You say "Have more sex, happier"


I hear "in a relationship."


"Girls in a relationship tend to play more videogames."




"Girls playing games with you online are already in a relationship."


There's no hope.




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