Female Employees Sue Dell for $500 Million



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The lawsuit Andy is talking about here was actually filed by several (female) higher-ups in Dell's HR department...so you would think those are the ones who would know all the dirty little details surrounding this.  They're seeking to be certified as a class-action suit, which means they can all sue Dell as a group.  Additionally, a separate HR manager also filed her own (individual) suit against Dell here in Austin on the same day this one was filed, and it alleges the same discrimination and preferential treatment as the first suit.



that dell is still EPIC FAIL. Not only are they sexist bigots, they sell shitty computers to boot.



"32% of US vice presidents are women or minority". Well what's the percentage of women? minority? not both together. Nice way to inflate the numbers. Either way 32% is not high enough.

I concur - Dell teh sucks



Playing devil's adocate here, but what if the most qualified people were actually retained?  Should they get rid of people that were doing a better job, and are most suited for the job, and keep more women and minorities just to look good?  I don't know anything of course, just posing a possible scenario.



I would rather get promoted because I am better qualified than the white male that also applied for the promotion, not because some company needed to fill a quota. So when it comes time for said company to cut back, less qualified folks should get the boot. Is Dell saying that all the less qualified folks are women and older folks? (not directed to you, Tekzel, just commenting)

BTW would I count 2x since I'm a Black female?



The truth about Dell's unfair HR practices is that the people they let go on a regular basis (they do this about every 18 months) are the ones who are making the most money in any given position or organizational level.  For example, if you've been at the company for several years, have become well-qualified at your job, and earned a few raises, Dell will eventually replace you with a new barely-qualified person that they can pay 20-50% less than you were costing them. 

They do this process without much regard to gender or race, so the irony of it is that anyone (like the women in this lawsuit) who have been held back and/or paid less than their peers, probably ended up with a measure of job security as a result...



Dell sucks 08

Also we should  test line breaks



I agree with everything you said.


Oh, yea, and Dell sucks.


The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.

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