Feedly Feasts on Google’s Table Scraps by Adding Over 500,000 New Users



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Most of these comments are from people who have never used RSS as a workflow, I would like to hear from someone that has and has moved on to something else.

If you haven't used RSS and only browse 3 blogs I would still recommend trying RSS its still much better than checking 3 different sites for news you can even set up those RSS browser bar folders, they work pretty well if you don't want to sign up for a service. As for a recommendation... Google Reader was far and above the best option. Feedly is pretty good though, it is a bit jarring after using google reader for a while, if your new to RSS that shouldn't be a problem.

I use to only RSS for a few sites, and if you have some spare time during the day its much faster to go to a RSS reader and pick some unread articles to catch up on the news than it is to hunt through some websites.



Indeed. RSS is still the best way to aggregate all of my news and other websites. It is not only faster to find what interests me but I miss less.

I'm really disappointed with Google over this. It makes me want to move my other services out of the Google ecosystem lest they too be lost. I was sad when they ended notebook but I didn't have nearly as much stuff in there as I do in my reader.

As for a replacement, I guess I'll wait and see what digg (or whoever else) comes up with. Nothing currently on android really makes me happy.


Mithril PC

Agreed, this really messed up my daily routine, and I found feedly's interface to be a bit too much like 'candy' for me. So I decided to throw tiny tiny rss on my webserver found here: http://tt-rss.org/redmine/projects/tt-rss/wiki

This also pissed me off enough that I'm pleased to say I'll be running my own email as well. gmail + reader were great, but google has changed for the worse and I'm jumping ship.

Edit: also tt-rss has an android app as well



Another reason why Feedly probably has been doing so well is because if you login to Feedly using your Google Reader account, it will automatically transfer your feeds over for you once Google Reader goes down. That way you won't have to deal with exporting and importing your old feeds, including your old Starred (favorite) articles.


Jer Stryker

I don't understand this "who still uses RSS" thing. How else do you get your news from all of your favorite sites? Facebook and Twitter are way too noisy. Going to every site is tedious and archaic. What did I miss that replaced RSS?



I wonder the same thing. I've seen nothing that really does the job of an actual RSS Reader. I can easily go through enough content that would normally take me hours to do in a manner of minutes.



I dunno, never found a need for RSS feeds. Tried them a few times, but I would rather go to the sites I want, read the latest and go on to the next site. I suppose if your expecting up to the minute updates on what you're interested in, RSS would probably be better, and I don't use tweety or facey so that's no big deal. I know Firefox allows you to subscribe to RSS feeds via live bookmarks, so I also don't see what you would need a dedicated RSS website for, but again since I don't use RSS I wouldn't know.



I just find it saves time. I've got about 10 sites that I've put in a folder called Tech. Right now I can glance at that folder and see that Ars Technica has 4 updates, MaxPC has 3, The Verge has 65. The others don't show up because I've set Reader up to not display anything with 0.

Now I can either click on each feed and read the stories site by site or I can click on the folder and it will display all 72 stories sorted by date. Whichever I choose they will be marked as read as they scroll by.

I can set it to only display the headlines if I want to skim, or just the summary. For some sites they put the whole story in as the summary. And if I find The Verge is flooding too many stories because I've not read it for a bit, I'll just hit, "mark older than a day as read" for just that site. Or I might do it for all. *edit* If there is a long, involved story I'll star it for later or send it to Pocket to read from my ipad.

Compare that to having to open 10 sites one by one, scan for updates, move onto the next one. That's a lot of opening and loading just to find 3 sites out of 10 with updates.

People seem to think that RSS means reading heaps of news all day. Even this story refers to users as RSS Junkies. And sure, if you subscribe to heaps of sites it will do that. But for me it shortens the amount of time I'm reading sites.

My wife uses Reader to handle a handful of blogs, about 5 webcomics, and a couple of funny picture sites. She's on and off the computer in about 10 minutes. Checks it maybe twice a day. Hardly a junkie, she just likes having her updates in a single place.



Makes sense for someone like you that needs to check lots. I guess my web needs are more simple, I check about 3-4 sites several times daily for my news needs. Even the Max PC feed does not update that much for me to need RSS for it, and it's just as easy to go to the site to check it out.



If you're not looking at too much I can easily see RSS being overkill. Or if you're not really a follower of specific sites but browse around new sites all the time, (suggestions from reddit for example)

After I discovered reddit I found my entertainment consumption of RSS feeds went down.

But if your web needs includes the phrase 'check site' and 'several times daily', then that is exactly what RSS was built for. I don't check 3-4 times daily to see if MaxPC has been updated. I just look to the left menu on my home page and can see straight away,(the answer is no, but The Verge has 3 stories. They can wait). I find RSS is more useful for sites that don't update that often.

I think of RSS as a replacement for my bookmarks. Except they are bookmarks I don't bother clicking on if there is a (0) next to it.

*edit* In a futile attempt to dispel this belief that people that use RSS are on the net all the time. I check my feeds at lunch and maybe at night when the kids have gone to bed. I'd say I'm browsing the web much less than the average person. And really? 10 sites is considered a lot of sites to follow? That's actually a real question, not me being a sarcastic git :) Some of them don't update that often.

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