Feds May Investigate Apple for iTunes Antitrust Violations



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Haha I just posted this comment on another article MaximumPC posted: click here

In order to use Apple downloaded music you require the following:

  1. iTunes (duh, but you need either a PC or a MAC)
  2. iPod/iTouch/iPhone (play your music on the go)
  3. FM transmitter or After Market car stereo deck with iPod/USB in
    (most newer cars come with this built in)
  4. Apple Sound Dock, various brands which allows you to use your
    iPod/iTouch/iPhone like a stereo
  5. Apple Sound Bridge (Harmon Kardon includes this with their high end

Anyway my point to this comment is that in order to play music on the
go, in my car or in my home on my home theater system I have to buy at
least 3 different devices compatible with the proprietary format Apple
distributes their digital downloads in... NOW I don't mind that the
record companies like Apple for protecting the music/videos/etc BUT if I
buy the song I shouldn't have to buy every STUPID APPLE device out
there to play it where I want when I want!!!

I think there is a huge market that record companies are missing out
on because of this, there are a lot of people who don't buy Apple
products for many reasons and my above comment is probably one of them.
While Apple products are cool and very flashy they are over priced and
locked down...

Anyone who wants to argue other wise is a Apple Fan Boy or Fan
Girl... When I went to Digital Media Arts school we learned Adobe CS on
MACS and it was sweet but the PC worked just as well and cost much less
(usually half the price - oh and don't give me that VIRUS CRAP EITHER...
MACS can get VIRUSES but are less likely to...).

Thanks, that's my rant for the day :)

There are other things that make Apple evil in my eye... back some months ago Microsoft was fined a lot of money told they had to give users in the EU the choice of a web browser, how come Apple doesn't have to? There are so many things to point out with Apple that it's sad... While I do like them and their products they need to be held accountable just like everyone else!!!

PS: FLASH ISN'T THAT BAD, if you MAC is over heating because of FLASH you have some SERIOUS ISSUES... OMG people wake up.

Brendan Skoreyko



 This (and the iPhone bit) are just the beginning...


-= I don't want to be dead, I want to be alive! Or... a cowboy! =-



   I hate iTunes, but have to use it to sync with my iPhone (which despite being a PC booster I am quite fond of). When I want to buy music from a particular artist, I get the entire album a la CD and rip it. That way I can rip at whatever bitrate I want, to whatever devices I want, without having an assload of copy protection to contend with.

    I hope Jobs & Co. suffer anti-trust hell. They got down on their knees and begged for it.

 The Concerned IT Professional



Try this i've been using it for 5 yrs now mediamonkey.com



I've still never bought any music through iTunes, because Amazon is always cheaper, and higher bitrate. So why would I buy from iTunes? As far as I know, they don't ever put anything on sale, either.


I remember when the Amazon daily deals were $2. Now they've slowly inched up to around $5.



I am still in awe how anyone actually uses iTunes.

It is the slowest, most bloated piece of software I have ever used, and the installation of it is the only thing that has ever given me a blue screen. The uninstall process doesn't remove even half of the shit it came with. Worst day of my life.

Hype and advertising go a long way these days.



When you throw in their recent buy out, and upcoming shut down, of Lala.com, I'd say hell yes they are anticompetitive. Heaven forbid that people may want to use anyone but Apple to buy and use their music. Oh, the humanity!! Or is it hugemanitee? I forget...


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