Fearless Modder Flexes New Palm Pre Firmware, Overclocks to 1.2GHz



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Well you can say buh bye to your battery life!



Now that's a phone that would definitely make you quickly aware you are holding it incorrectly.... The fan would HURT!  



how about some watercooling erh?

or LN2 ? o.0





I like how the link to this page is "...new_palm_pre_firmware_overclocks_12ghz".  :)  Although I may look back on this comment a few years from now on my 120GHz smart phone and have another laugh...but for the opposite reason.



i don't see the specs matching up with the hertz such as cache size, fsb, and all that... call me an idiot, but i thought all things in a device have to match at a balanced specification in a full performance non-bottle necked manner. plus, how do we know the software isn't at a fixed framerate/performance? like xbox360 for example, if you overclocked the processor, your games wouldn't be faster.



In going from 500MHz to 800MHz, the bootup time improved about 30% on my Pre. Granted, it's still painfully long, but quite an improvement. I've read that the 1.2GHz mod cuts boot times in half. So, yeah, you won't see the 200% improvement in everything, but there will be some. 



While bottlenecks are a problem, you'll still see a benefit from increasing the amount of instructions you can execute on the CPU. It wont be a full 100% improvement, but it'll still be much faster. As for your xbox360, thats a software issue, most game have frame rate caps so they don't run super fast when the GPU isn't being stressed. They will however run slower when the GPU or CPU is taxed. If you were overclock either CPU or GPU on a 360 they wouldnt slow down as much.

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