F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin Demo Now Encountering and Assaulting PCs



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Well, I hope everyone else is having better luck download the demo.. I've pretty much just wasted 4 hours of my life "wating in line" only to be given an error when it finally is my turn.. have I mentioned I despise fileplanet?

On another note.. I'm begining to see why people love torrents lol



Use   www.gamershell.com



I tried FilePlanet one last time.. and it finally gave me a useable download link!  I tried gamershell earlier but when I put in "FEAR 2" I got no results.. but I just went there and tried "Project Origin" and it came up so for anyone else, try typing "Project Origin" to find it on gamershell.



Engine seems very efficiently-running a 4870 maxed out at 1920*1080 at around 40fps with 4xaa and 16as-but i don't like the film effect...didn't really like it with left 4 dead either, although I guess it adds a horror movie effect...



Runs smoothly on my 2600xt... at 1280x768... no AA no Ansio,

still runs nice though.

 You can have your recession. I'm not participating.



 I Just Finish Down Loading and play'd the Demo, And Oh Man We are in for some real Fragging, New wepons and all kinds of Freak out stuff, I am calling on all the Old School and New F.E.A.R Bro's To get this Game and Juice it in to your rig, Man Cant wait for Multi Play, I hope the servers will be up to snuff for this one,, 


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