FDA Says Wicked Lasers Manufacturing Process Stinks



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Maybe geeks need to check their speech. Instead of blurting out the first thing that pops into your head, "Since when does the FDA regulate lasers?", why not actually educate yourself and look it up. You are in front of a computer.

The FDA doesn't just regulate food and drugs. They also regulate medical supplies and equipment. Outside of buring up your friend's retina, aiming them at airplanes, and terrorizing the cat, lasers also have a pretty large presence in the medical field. Since their earliest commercial use is medical related, the FDA was tagged to regulate them.

See, that wasn't so hard. Consider yourself smarter. 



Maybe your condescending self needs to go find a high-powered laser and sit on it.  Like most Americans, I was perfectly happy in my ignorance, thank you very much.



It might be prudent for you to send them a letter informing them that i do not intend on orally consuming the laser devise and that therefore their opinion on the matter is unwelcome.



since when are lasers a food or drug? the FCC's more qualified to control these lasers than the FDA is.



Since when does the FDA control laser tech?  ATF... maybe... even DEA, maybe, right?  But FDA? No wonder we have so many food poisoning scares in the US... the FDA is spending all their time on lasers and ray guns. Time for a new charter, guys!

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