FCC on Verge of Punishing Comcast for Filtering Internet Traffic



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Well, I'm not sure they're Communists... But definitely ardent Marxists. ;)

Anyways...  The good thing here is that a FEDERAL AGENCY (or wait...  "commission"...  w/e) is stepping in for the people's best interests.  I'm hoping this accomplishes two obvious things:

1) Comcast gets slapped in the nose and learns its lesson.  Comcast is in a lot of places, and at least one comment so far has indicated that they're the only viable option in their area.  So...  If Comcast learns its lesson here, maybe we as consumers can trust them again.  I think lots of people would love for that to be the case.


2) Other high-speed ISPs take note.  Yeah, that's right.  Maybe overseas impact even?  Virgin Media, are you watching?



FCC plans to punish Comcast, but right up front, they'll tell you there won't be any fines  Has anyone figured this one out, or is this par for the course for a Republican administration known for getting way too cozy with big business?




Well, I realize a heavy fine would be the obvious choice here, but...  The thing is, it would need to be a really hefty fine for Comcast to really give a shit about it...  I mean, they're big.  Chances are way too high that it would've just ended up being a chump change fine, which would essentially teach Comcast that they can buy the ability to filter.  What I'd rather see is a different sort of punishment for their crime, though I haven't really figured out myself what would be most appropriate (this is begging for a reply with a brilliant idea...).

So I'm not too worried about it not being a fine.  Yet.  Hopefully it won't get politically motivated, though.  You bring up a big concern there.  I'm just not ready to lose faith there.  Yet.


JC's Demon Slayer

I do believe that Comcast is a shortening of COMmunist broadCASTing.  This would explain a little bit.  I hate having them, but the only alternative here is AT&T, which sucks for where I'm at.  I'd get a worse connection, for more $$$.  Bah!!!  I sure hope this sticks it to Comcast's craw.



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It's Comcastic!!!!

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