FCC Survey: Nearly 80% Users Don't Know Their Broadband Speed



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Our federal taxes are going to find out how many people know what their internet speed is?
This is important information for those who are Power Users, but for Joe's Coffee Shop, I doubt he cares so long as his credit card machine works. Same when I visit my folks, they have DSL I notice a lag on streaming video, but they use it for web surfing and email, it does that wonderfully. So remind me of why again we are paying taxes so that someone can find the real speed of someone's internet connection?



Ask 8 out of 10 people how fast their internet speed is and they'll say something like "I have RoadRunner."



 I know what im supposed to get, what my benchmark speeds are, and what my actual speeds are... I am supposed to be getting (All speeds Download/Upload) 12Mbps/3Mbps... my benchmark speed is 12.8Mbps/2.97Mbps (Thanks to speedtest.net) but the actual speeds I have it are only 2.4Mbps/.6Mbps (found by downloading files and a friend downloading from my FPT server)



Thankfully the other 20% of us ARE watching the broadband speeds with great interest and making sure we identify quite loudly which ISP's are ripping you 80% off.

I find it rather amusing that ISP's seem to think that they employ the only network engineers in the world. I scare the shit of of the comcast techs at my house all the time because I own all the same troubleshooting gear that they come on site with and they know they better speak the truth when telling me something about my connection.



The important thing is if you can download an internet, thats what that 80% would say



My internets is much faster than a potato.



You win.



When categorized based on their age, respondents aged 65 years or more were found to be the most ignorant.

Did they made the survey at a senior mobile home park?

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