FCC Outlines $9.95 Broadband Service for Poor Homes



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I disagree with this program for two reasons:

1.  To get the benefit, you have to have a kid eligible for the National School Lunch Program.  So the twenty-something who's struggling to find work is SOL?  What about the 50 year-old that was laid off a year ago and has lost everything while trying to secure work?  Sorry, folks, no kid, no benefit. 

2.  Unbeknownst to most, this program allows US taxpayers to subsidize internet access for illegal immigrants!  The NSLP has a provision allowing children from "migrant" families (California-speak for illegal aliens) to automatically qualify for the program.  So taxpayers pay for the kid to eat (can't blame a kid for his parents willingness to sneak in to the country); but, now, the WHOLE family benefits with cheap internet! 

So, I give ~40% of my income to Federal, State and local taxes.  Screw you, btdog, you get to pay full price to access the internet.  In fact, we're increasing your rate so we can let others get it cheaper.

What, you're here illegally?  You don't pay taxes, that's not your SSN, AND you have a kid...why didn't you say so!  Sorry about that, almost charged you what the suckers - I mean "customers" pay.  Is $10/month ok?




What it sounds like those people who are against this broadband service is jealous that the poor are getting all these "benifits". Jeez it's not hard to get these benifits. Just be like those lazy people who don't work so they can be poor and LEECH on us taxpayers. /sarcasm Again, just be poor and you can get all these GREAT benifits. WooHooo!



Comcast is already doing this for families that have at least one child in school getting free lunch that haven't had Comcast service in the last few months. The plan is 1.5 Mb/s down. The $150 computer is a netbook. The $10/mo was offered by AT&T DSL 4 years ago (768 Kb/S) as a concession to their merger with Bellsouth.


This is not a big deal for those paying full price, and I don't see it as a handout.



I find discussing such matters a quick and easy way to separate compassionate people from the douchebags. Works every single time.



On what planet is this a "giveaway"? These people are still PAYING for a service, and one which is increasinly a neccessity in modern day life. Not only that, but look, right there, it's a two year lock in contract. there may be no installation or monthly fee gotchas, but what happens when your marginal income drifts $5 above that income line, not only do you lose the service, but you're on the hook for the substantially higher monthly regular fee, and/or a hefty ETF.

don't talk to me about giveaways when companies like Comcast can just go out and BUY entire entertainment empires like NBC Universal. this is less a giveaway and more a "about time you gave back"



This is silly.

The market has a solution for this, it's called "high speed" dial up (net zero for 15 bucks being an example)


This is like giving them food stamps they can redeem at their local 4 star restaurant.





well, we subsidize their school lunches... even throughout the summer, when school is out ??, subsidize their medical care, energy bills, housing, groceries with food stamps, if all of that, and more is their right and entitlement, as an American... why not broadband internet access, I mean, we ALL know what kind of internet traffic sucks down all that bandwidth, right? Is there anything... anything at all that the citizen is responsible for, his very own self anymore? I mean, think about it, everything takes money, somebody's money, if not theirs, well then, someone elses. They only get it cheap, cause others don't. (in fact, expect others to pay more now, to make up the difference)




Great, more government handouts. Taking money from me, and giving it to someone else. No matter how you cut it, it's redistribution of wealth.




I hate that this discount is only for "...low-income families with children eligible for the National School Lunch Program."  There are all sorts of circumstances that people live under where the discount would be helpful.



I'm with you on this one. Why mention 100m americans and the need for broadband to develop job prospects if you are only going to limit it to a portion of those that are actually in need. How many  of the quoted 100m are actually going to be eligible? maybe what 10-20% Why not open the program to some of the families w/o kids that are at the poverty line that are out there looking for work?



I am okay with this. People are not getting hand outs, they are paying for it even if it is at a substantial discount. The ISPs have agreed to the program instead of it being forced on them in some way. The focus on this is edcuation for kids. This might actually be a win-win. This is a departure from the SafeLink deal that gives people free cell phones and minutes. A cell phone is not a nessesity and I hate the fact that my tax dollars are paying for them. I have seen first hand what people use those phones for. It certainly isn't for them to be "safe".

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