FCC to Ok Comcast-NBC Merger



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I live in Philadelphia where Comcast is headquartered let me tell you they've blocked out all real competition for internet here. The best Verizon gets to offer is DSL because since Comcrap built their oh-so-fugly highrise downtown that they can pay off city council no problem. I've been waiting for FIOS over 5 years and it's still a no go. This merger is one of the worst things that could happen for tv / internet etc. They already block out Flyers and Sixers home games if you don't settle for their cable. I refuse to use them since all my friends who have used their service said how much they sucked and how much it was overpriced.


Keith E. Whisman

Merry Christmas and happy Kwanzaa to my African American Brothers and Sisters out there. BTW, what happened to the CAPTCHA? Now MaximumPC is getting swamped with SPAM. Please give us back the safety and security of the CAPTCHA system.



Comcast has a monopoly in many towns. I wouldn't shed a tear if the DoJ tore Comcast to bloody, BLOODY pieces over antitrust law violations. I'd buy a cake to celebrate instead!


Talcum X

That's all we need.   But didn't MS take that already?  MSNBC?  Or is it just a simular name?

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