FCC Investigating Verizon Termination Fees, Billing Practices



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As a Verizon I am very happy with their service I currently have the premium plan with the droid. I don't get half of your comments, as some of you guys complain about your phones when verizon has little say in how these are made. However I do agree that Verizon may be stealing from their costumers, but I dont care our bill is payed for by verizon.



Sounds like they need more regulation in the wireless carrier and telco/mandatory services. If they can't play nice then the government should jump in and force the issue (because it greatly effects a huge populous and their productivity as a country). I have serious doubts about a totally free market for this very reason (just look at the recent banking fiasco... same mind set, different application).



1) I have that button, and have at least 3 times pressed it accidentally in the last year. It cannot be reprogrammed.

 2) My phone is a Motorola. Users of this phone can use Motorola's phone tools to xfer picts and video to their computer. That is unless it's a Verizon wireless Motorola phone.People like us must pay verizon's extra charge to email videos off our phone to our computer. This too is a verizon "feature". I've heard (but not confirmed either way) that you can't even xfer using a plug-in micro SD card. If that isn't an unfair rip I don't know what is.

3)Verizon charges for each incoming and outgoing text message. There's no way to turn this off either, so even though I never sent texts, if someone sends it to me, I get charged a premium.

4)Yes I still think they have the best service (I'm in NY, and most here would agree). The difference lies when in a strange spot. Most other carriers don't work when verizon phones still will. They are good as long as you never cancel early, never call customer service, and go over each month's bill like a fine tooth comb.

BTW Will Smith (re: Fios on the podcast),

I've had Fios, AFA billing, they're just as sneaky as Comcast sounds. If you like I will send you the 4 page letter I prepped for the Better Business Bureau when I cancelled after 1 month of service, and tell you of the year and a half long battle we had getting them to drop charges when they continued to bill us for two months after cancellation. (they at one point put us in collections, and in the end, sent us $75.) The FIOS service is great speed-wise, and the television picture was great. But it was not all it was cracked up to be. If you're going for it, just be informed.


"There's no time like the future."



This is happening just a couple of days after Consumer Reports told the North American continent that a poll of 50K readers placed Verizon as the best service: tops in voice connectivity, customer service, messaging and Web/email.

Between 12 and 24 months from now, there are going to be a lot of people wishing they hadn't listened to Consumer Reports.

I listened to the hype five years ago, and went with Verizon. Had to stand near a window in my house to get a decent signal. Couldn't get a signal at work, even tho' the building had an antenna (shielded). After 18 months with an average of 72 minutes talk time per month, the phone had about 5 hours standby, 20 minutes talk time. I was fortunate to get a one-year deal thru a 3rd-party service, and was month-2-month for about a year, so no ETF charge for me.

Switched to AT&T. Got a wicked Walkman 580i free with a 2-year (other than the enV, Verizon didn't have cool phones). Gets a very strong signal in every room and office I enter. Phone is still going strong today: several days standby, several hours talk time.

And I was easily able to disable the web services button that I kept accidentally hitting, and getting charged for.

AT&T ranked dead last in Consumer Reports. At least in my area, I found AT&T to be superior to Verizon in every way. And everyone I talked to who was with Verizon were dissatisfied...and well over half of them decided to get an iPhone and churn to AT&T.



I am not currently a Verizon customer precisely for their ETF's. My wife had a Treo with Verizon service which had terrible call quality. When the new Iphone 3g came out we went to AT&T and transferred her number. I was going to wait a couple of weeks to terminate the Treo service because that's how much time was left on the 2 year contract. What I did not realize was when we transferred her existing number, Verizon immediately charged us the full ETF with just EIGHT days left. They would not budge, so I cancelled my 3g USB wireless modem unlimited data plan as well. They said, "you're going to pay another ETF." I told them it would be worth it, and they have lost much more than that from me in monthly revenues since then, and I will not go back.

I've upped my standards, now up yours!



About time :/



Wow - I never knew it was that low.  I had terminated with AT&T back in '02 for $325, and always assumed everyone's ETF was that much.

Though honestly, why can't they prorate the ETFs (it should decrease the longer you keep it)?  They prorate everything else...

While I absolutely LOVE their coverage - their phone selection has a touch of stupidity to it...


Please deposit your pride, life, and other garbage in the receptacles at the back of the theater before you leave. Thanks!



BWAHAHAHAHAHA....verizon sucks.



Your article has more errors than an Boston Orioles game.



Please tell me that was on purpose.


I totally agree with your statement, btw.  For the last day or so I've been noticing some pretty blatant errors in MaxPC articles, and pretty frequently the byline on those articles is the same.


But when I complained a long time ago about the writing quality of MaxPC online articles, I got a tongue lashing informing me that these writers are independent bloggers and they put up a lot of content in a short time, so "some errors are bound to slip through".  The implication, then, was that bloggers shouldn't be held to the same standards as real journalists, and no one really bothers to proofread these articles before they're posted. 



That's karma for you...

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