FCC Grants MPAA Request to Disable Analog Outputs



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The FCC can blow me.



The best way to boycott the mpaa is with your wallets; don't go to any movies this summer and get all of your relatives not to either. In fact hold protest outside the movie theaters we need to get a message to the movie industry that we are tired of their shit. Hell half the fucking movies they make are complete shit anyway. Also download as many movies illegally as you can, I don;t care if you watch them or not we need to get all of america involved in this so they wake up and realize their 20th century business model isn't going to work anymore.


Live, Learn, and Shut the Fuck Up. 



No matter what you do, that won't change a thing. The MPAA will always keep coming up with hairbrained scemes to force everyones money into their hands, and they will always fail in implementation. I mean, a warez uploader could beat this authentication with just a simple high def video capture card. 



Just because you have HDMI on your equipment doesn't mean you are in the clear.  Some TV's are known for having handshake problems with HDMI.  This was a stupid move by the MPAA.  I suspect that this was more of a move to protect items distributed for the Oscars when they have discs distributed to them before they are actually out for sale.


Stinky Fartface

They will never win by restricting options. Time and time again all these types of measures end up doing is pushing average consumers, who would otherwise be legal consumers, towards piracy. Piracy will always provide a solution. Closing the "analog hole" will do absolutely nothing to staunch piracy. They are encouraging piracy with this kind of crap, not fighting it.



I seriously hate the MPAA.  Not dislike, hate.  They are a bunch of idiots.  The FCC statement should read something along the lines of the MPAA simply cannot expect to get money that doesn't exist (b/c people are going to  pirate and not buy your s**t).  They should just take all their money outside and burn it, and just get it over with already... why drag this overzealous bullshit that will lead to their own demise over with already!!


Anways, sorry for the rant, but this really get on my nerves... 

"Life is about living, not stressing" - a very smart girl :)



This is 100% fail by the MPAA.  I would NEVER buy some VOD program knowing the MPAA is sticking it's greedy little fat fingers into my A/V gear. I'll wait to watch what ever it is like I do now. No biggie for me.



Another epic fail by the MPAA. Pirates will find a way around it, and the rest of us will just wait the 90 days. There is absolutely no content on the planet that I can't wait 3 months to see.

Smells a lot like the foul odor coming from their 30-day DVD release bullshit. Guess what MPAA, we're not going to buy the shit; we're happy to either download it illegally or wait the 30 days till we can get it on Netflix.

When will these bozos ever learn? 



That is a bunch of bull ****. So, even if I pay for  VOD or streaming of something it will be restricted? Just another reason to download it for free. Not that I would do something as terrible as that. 



This will be broken in 3... 2... 1...

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 

The stupidest question that you could ever ask is the one you never do.



Hahahahahahahah. Ain't that the truth?


Yet another technology that will be broken in a matter of 24 hours upon it's release. It will end up harming the consumer and be just a blemish in the piracy roads.

Why do they even invent stuff like this?


Mighty BOB!

Because they're idiots.



If MPAA has anything to do with it, i don't agree with it, almost regardless what it is. this of course will results in a civil suit against someone for this ruling.



Who wants to join on a class action against the MPAA and the FCC?  So you are telling me that my grandmother that is living on a social security check, has to go out and buy a new TV, and a new cable box, because she wants to watch VOD?  Who is going to pony up the $$$ for this she is on a fixed income, and she likes to watch a lot of the new movies when they come out, she can't afford going to the movie theaters already, now this?  Sounds like a blatant case of Tech Discrimination, or maybe this is the governments devious plan to help spur the economy?  Dont have a digital connection, no VOD, so upgrade or no new releases for you!!!



Grans missing out on video-on-demand or cheap flix is uncompelling in itself.  Is she really over 40 and still looking to US pop culture for her place in the world?  On a CRT?  Then tough for her, it's just not going to work.

Time-Warner is certainly culpable as an adjunct in that video-on-demand is being regularly mangled in delivery (misdelivered, cut up with borked schedules and DVR disservice.)  Make a proper single party case of it if not merely dealing with it in legislative sensibiliy.

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