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of course no one would pay for such silly speeds. Just like no one would pay $100 a month for cable or satellite television or their smart phone plan. doh! If speeds ever got this high... goodbye to most of those mediums. Imagine paying $100 a month for 100meg bandwith that would include HD television streaming, phone/video conferencing, game/software distribution, and internet all in one. The question now is... who wouldn't pay for it?



You know a period and a comma are different, right?



That comment was so ignorant that I could swear that it was only meant to infuriate people, its like why upgrade to broadband the customer base is perfectly pleased with dialup. I mean seriously where would we be if we would never grow beyond our own limitations.



"Customers don't want speeds that high so why bother?" Thats akin to people back in the day saying "Why should we give blacks freedom, they wouldn't know what to do with it." Its idiotic rationalisation like that that just plain pisses me off. You give the people those things because thats what they deserve. The people that want to pay for it will, and over time it will become a standard. ISPs seem to be the single biggest factor in holding back internet technology these days.



 The High speed that we all get our homes are all controlled and these US company's want to make sure how they are going to get there dollars out of us, Gig Caps speed usage so on and so forth, If they where the good guys they would not have these reasons and rimes in place, The US Gov inter internet is super speed, More faster than you will fine any where in the world, The Next people that have this super speed is the science community that needs to send very large data packs from one side of the world to the other, You Really dont want to hear how fast the Military has there speeds, Lets Just say its real time Like flicking the TV remote form one Chanel to the next, So what ever you hear about these commercial company's IE Comcast , ATT , So on and so forth is a bunch of malarkey, and about what they can and cant do, Its already there, its just not for the little people like us, in less you really want to pay for it,

 On the other hand you can have the fastest speed one could get but if the server Like the one you are trying to play your game on is only spitting back out 1.5mps and you got a hook up speed of 100mps, You are only going to see 1.5mps at your rig playing that game,

 Bottom line, they do need to lay the big pipes first to get the flow going into areas and branch out the smaller pipes to our homes so when we open the tap to hash our hands we do not see just a trickle of water put a good solid stream Pouring in to the sink, with a drain pipe to keep up with that inbound flow,,,

 This is why you see other places out side the US have there internet speeds where there at, And there is no reason why the US has the slowest speeds in the world and we where the ones who Invented it in the fist place,

 So if you ask me, Its a bunch Of Double size BS that we are at with what we have today,,,And we should not have to pay that kind of money to have this kind of service,,, 



You obviously have never ben on a military network before.  After 14 years in & even having access to secret networks the normal people din't have access to (i.e. - SIPRnet), I can attest that there is nothing anywhere near "real time flicking TV..." whatever you said that didn't make sense.

 Military networking made me wish Crapcast was running the network!



This would be great, but what's the point unless they remove bandwidth caps and download limits? I see that as the main obstacle to the interent in the US right now. You can have the most awesome speeds in the world but if you get nickled and dimed for every megabyte you go over, well then what's the point?

Fortunately Time Warner in my area hasn't done this yet, but a lot of ISP's around the country do. Or at the very least I haven't hit my bandwidth cap yet if they do have one.

Inscreasing the bandwidth capacity of our internet infrascructure is a great idea, but if we don't get on the ball with net neutrality and ridiculous caps and limits, we're taking two steps back for every step forward.



 I'd be happy if our broadband penetration could break the top 12 instead of the top 20


were number....uh....17....yeah?

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I have DSL with Qwest and the best it can give me is 1.3 mps.  I really get a chuckle when I go online to pay my bill and there is a so called opinion poll from Qwest customers rating the DSL 1.3 mps service with 4 stars out of 4 stars.



I want faster speeds. I think that this can be accomplished. I think companies are holding back a bit. Give me at least 50Mb speeds. 


Electronically charged



I read a report somewhere..i think it was here on MaxPC web site that said that other then third world countries we have the slowest internet around....hell China/Japan have Gigabit connections for its users and guess what they pay the same price for that as we do for a meager 3-6mb pipe.  how is it possible that they can do it and we cant.  Hell right over the border at canada you can get internet speeds double and triple of out current highest speeds.

I know for a fact i would go with higher speeds if they got to reasonable prices.

 and Mr. Muller   "Mueller went on to say that customers don't want speeds that high"  We do want faster speeds but not at the price your going to charge us, just to get a bigger bonus at the end of the month.


so go screw yourselves and give us faster internet!! 



what we do need is lower ping for gaming. Video games online with about 32 players wont need a super fast internet since the bits of data that the game sends is just the input from all the players not the actual animation from the game. The graphics card will gramb this input and impliment it but the lag will often come from really high ping. If a company wants to sponser its internet for gamers just make sure the ping stays at a constant 60pps. pings per second. this will account to 60fps which is ideal for gamers. A simple 300KB internet will handle the FPS games realitivly well as long as the ping isnt higher then 60.



Maybe they should focus on more widespread broadband coverage (i.e. bringing broadband to rural areas).



These are the very same companies that wouldn't bring faster service to cities like Wilson, NC and Monticello, MN who requested it.  Those cities started their own high-speed, and the companies cried like babies, claiming unfair competition.  More like they know that when a local government promises to do something like a fiber network for their people, a potential market that the companies ignored is lost to those companies...by their own lack of action.

Now, the FCC is asking the companies to step up to the plate and make higher speeds happen.  And again, the companies say we don't want it.  Ask people in Wilson or Monticello if they wanted it...their actions in creating their own systems speak loud and clear.

Sounds like Qwest's CEO doesn't want little things like investment in a new infrastructure to interfere with his golden parachute and compensation package.



damn, I almost moved to Monticello a couple years back.  Interviewed for a position at the nuke power plant, but didn't get the job unfortunately.  I could be rocking 50mbps fiber right now!



 "other countries" are like the size of our States....except for a few.  I don't think ppl are going to be willing to absorb the costs for that kind of rollout.  20/20  or maybe 50/50 is a little more realistic I think :)


The "CLOUD" is the biggest mistake this country has made...EVER !



Can you explain your signature? I'm curious.



Hes referring to cloud computing. Living in canada where even the hardline broadband conections are flaky from time to time, its not hard to see why its a very stupid idea to host everything important on anything other than a local machine. especially the apps themselves, oops my connection is borked, guess i don't have my files, nor can i access the application to create new ones.

It leaves us completely at the mercy of the remote hosts in every way. Which is very, very stupid, and it frustrates me that even maximumPC seems to unquestionably trust the cloud for anything and everything.

 Then again, maybe I'm just old school, despite being younger than probably all of maxPC's staff, hah.



I agree 






guess what, a new G4 wireless system capable of 100 Mbps is just coming out now, keep your eyes open for LTE G4

the tech is rated at a possable 140 Mbps but is being advertised right now as up to 100

ohhh and scroll through MaximumPC articles this is where I heard of LTE G4

2020 unrealistic? for hardwired internet maybe but cell based can have it well before then



That means when the tech has been refined in about 5 years the limit on that tech would 140 mbps minus overhead so probably more like 70.



 The only reason countries in Europe and Asia have speeds in this area is because they're a significantly smaller  markets that companies have to work within. Sure I would like 100Mb but my verizon fios 20/5 is good enough for my needs atm. That being said I wouldn't mind it but I would mind a price hike as a result of this. Speed = good, lower price = better. speed + low price = best. We can do this but we  need to do it over a more reasonable time scale or with significant breakthrougs and overhauls in transmission and reception protocols without astronomically hiking prices for service.



Yeah ok boss, blame the customer.  His comment shows he doesn't know his customer or is a liar.

"A 100 meg is just a dream," Qwest Communications International Inc. Chief Executive Edward Mueller told Reuters. "We couldn't afford it."

Mueller went on to say that customers don't want speeds that high, so why bother. He wasn't alone in that sentiment.

Which is it?  It's obvious - Qwest would rather collect premium payments for substandard service than to have to provide service completely possible now over Docsis 3.0 equipment.



It's so easy in places like Japan and Korea due to the population density. They aren't like America where there's miles and miles and miles of equipment to run for small towns and such. 

A significant upgrade can and should be done. But I think 100MBps is quite a bit optimistic and ignorant of a goal to place on a self supporting industry. That's a very expensive undertaking and unless the gov't is willing to also put our great-great grand children into debt, it's not something the companies alone can handle. 

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Yes, but places like Norway and Sweden blow you out of the water while having even lower population density (Norway - 12 per KM^2, Sweden - 20 per KM^2, US - 31 per KM^2), in addition to geographical challenges like mountains.

The telcos were given $200 billion several years ago to make this happen, but they decided to squander it, and it is time for them to answer for it.

Electricity and telephones have near universal reach.  Internet access warrants no less status in this day and age.



If you actually saw actually finanical reports from Comcast, Qwest, and etc you would see that they make Millions if not Billions of dollars in net income profit a year by affording the least amount of service for the most of cost, like an monopoly should, because if a city, state, or federal government tries to offer their residents a cheaper alternatives or tries to keep them from throttling people, they cry foul and throw millions of dollars to lobbying public officials and into advertising trying to mis-inform the general public into killing anything that will hurt their bottom line. They can't afford the infrastructure, how come Comcast just spent 5.8 billion dollars to buy Universial and NBC and had a Net Income of $3.638 billion in 2009?

Qwest can't afford anything because it's run by morons who are running a system that was a holdover from the "landline is a must and the only option" era in the age of supposed "High Speed" internet.

 Here's an excerpt from a marketwatch article on Qwest's buggling managment.

"Qwest has been losing local subscribers for years to cable rivals or
alternative technologies such as wireless. Total phone lines, including
business and wholesale, fell 11.2% to 10.27 million from 11.57 million a
year earlier. As a result, revenue in Qwest's "mass markets" division
sank 13% to $1.2 billion.

Yet Qwest also said it recorded its lowest quarterly decline in two
years in the consumer market.

What's helping Qwest to retain subscribers are new fiber connections
that deliver much faster Internet speeds. Qwest ended the year with
420,000 fiber-Internet accounts, which represents 14% of its broadband
customer base of 2.97 million. The company gained 23,000 net broadband
subscribers in the fourth quarter.

The rest of Qwest's Internet customers subscribe to slower and cheaper
DSL service, but the company hopes to shift more of them into
higher-priced fiber plans. Fiber customers are also less likely switch
to rival Internet providers.

"We're being very aggressive," Chief Operating Officer Teresa Taylor
said in an interview with MarketWatch."

Ironic and funny how their whining about having to offer 100mb connections, but offering faster speeds is the only thing keeping them from going under because they can charge an arm and leg for it. Net Income profit was 10 million dollars for 2009 as stated on their own website.

All of this, shows us that people are not satisfied with the current speeds being offered and touted as "As fast as we can go without breaking the bank" and are willing to pay for it if given the option, even at an very expensive price point.













The infrastructure cost would be insane.

 Even if the ISP's could afford it, why would they?  The broadband business is an oliopoly, especially in Canada.

Why should they offer 100MBPS when the sheeples are satisfied with 4MBPS?  They stand to make more profit would of the few pipes that already exist.



they were already given a lot of money years go to do this and they found loopholes to give said money,,to themselves as bonuses. "As of 2009, America has paid over $300 billion since the 1990's for fiber optic upgrades of the Public Switched Telephone Networks that were never done. This is about $3000.00 per home and counting, though it varies by state. This money has been paid to the phone companies in the form of phone rate hikes and tax perks, as the companies promised to rewire America state by state, and each state created 'deregulation' to give the phone companies more profits to use for network upgrades. (Note: We calculate that overcharging for the missing networks is approximately $20 billion a year.)"link http://www.newnetworks.com/broadbandcommentsrelease.htm



They have the capability to force competition in an oligopoly



I think these ISP's are full of crap.  If you look at the broadband speeds of other countries, they make us look totally pathetic.  There is no reason that our broadband speeds can't reach the 100Mbps mark at a reasonable price.

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