FCC, CTIA Seek to Wipe Out Bill Shock



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Nothing is worse than opening the cellular phone bill to discover it is way more than it should. It is often referred to as “bill shock,” and it occurs to a lot of people. The cellular carrier market and federal regulators have just reached an agreement that could keep it from happening anymore, as providers have decided to start giving more advanced notice. It is good to know that Cell phone carriers and FCC reach agreement over bill shock .



Desired changes : AT&T and Verizon chopped back into little bitty pieces again so maybe competition can work.


Or just nationalize the whole freaking infastructure and have carriers rent transit at cost on it so we can have a level playing field and real competition.



2 cents a kilobyte? .... Wow. I can't remember the last time I measured anything in kilobytes. And AT&T did this last year? They must really be hurtin' to micromanage data charges to that level.



Woops, my reponse was to the previous artlicle that you linked about the $28k phone bill. And it was in 2009. Still though.

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