FCC Challenge: 1Gb Internet Service in Every State by 2015



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yayy capitalism... I honestly don't see this happening at all.



Great! Awesome! Too bad you'll pass your cap after 10 hours' use.

Think they would give up the chance to rape customers just because the infrastructure could handle it?



As awesome as this would be, with how much ISP's overcharge for internet these days I can only imagine how much they will charge for Gigabit internet speeds.

For example 20mb/s in my area is currently priced at $60/month. Making me believe that if ISP's release gigabit internet it would start at ~$180/month, which is literally raping consumers wallets for no reason other than to turn a 100000000000000% profit.



I'm in the same boat man. Comcast is the only HS ISP in my area and they charge $60 for 20MB/s -.-



In all 50 states is impressive sure.. but US is still about 8 years behind Japan who i believe since 2004 has had 1gb internet connection and 10gb since 2010.
"American economic history teaches a clear lesson about infrastructure. If we build it, innovation will come. The U.S. needs a critical mass of gigabit communities nationwide so that innovators can develop next-generation applications and services that will drive economic growth and global competitiveness,"
What did it just dawn on them now? Idiots. That should have been implemented years ago. A weee bit behind the learning curve eh there FCC?



no beauracracy or public sector or political entity can ever keep up with an accelerating rate of technological and geopolitical change

...and Japan is a much smaller country with much shorter distances and less diverse geography and one of the newest and most modern infrastructures in the greater western world, courtesy of american-funded and american-designed cold war era post-wwii reconstruction and "economy exporting"
their government also has much more direct control over their economy out of geopolitical necessity and has been constitutionally banned for decades from building any remotely modern military forces or having integrated infrastructure with other governments AND had preferential trade status with south korea, us and taiwan until relatively recently

they also have tolerated much greater levels of debt and more recently deficits than we can or should and their economy has collapsed under it...have you noticed the quality of japanese tech. companies' exports here lately..?



This is BS and will not happen for a while. These companies have time and again cut bandwidth instead of increasing infrastructure. They will milk the current system for all it's worth. With no competition they will get away with it too.

Look at what corporations did to rural communities. They made the rest of us pay for every bit of infrastructure going into them.

The government(we) paid for:
Telephone lines

And then they turn around and charge us abhorrent amounts to use them.

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