FCC Chair to Leave Broadband Regulation Unchanged



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I mean seriously, did any person on this earth not see the FCC giving in? Let's be honest the US Govt isn't a govt of the people for the people, it's a group of people for the big businesses. All of us are just seen as consumers that's all we are. We spend money, we have jobs to spend money and that's about it. That's all there is for Americans. The FCC actually going for net neutrality is making me laugh to be completely honest. And anyone here who thinks "oh the govt doesn't need to regulate the internet" oh yes because the free market has worked ooooh sooo well for TV right? I mean it's NOT like we only have ~50 or so channels that are all controlled by a few big businesses and then we have to pay to get it all. We all know that Net Neutrality is "just going to happen on its own."

We know this because of past examples. Let's look at automobile safety. The manufacturers all made their vehicles safe, i mean there wasn't them all fighting the thing saying that the reason why people were dying in car accidents was because "everyone was reckless drivers". I mean it didn't take one man rallying up support for seatbelts and other such safety features to be standard right? I mean let's just imagine that Ralph Nader just said "oh well they'll do it themselves." And he stepped back from his plans.

Do you think that the car agencies would've "added safety so that the ones who did have it would sell better than the rest" right? That's just going to "naturally happen" correct? RIGHT??? We all know it just "happened" the same thing "just happened" with child labor laws, minimum wage, employee rights, and regulation of various other outlets right? RIGHT???

Any of you who are asinine enough to believe that businesses will just regulate themselves should all move to china. Because look at how well their self regulation of employee rights work there right? Businesses don't exploit workers for larger profits we all know that.

The FCC will give in, net neutrality won't happen, we're all fucked. Welcome to the new internet age where free speech, and thought are gone.



I can't believe I still hear people talking about these.  You'd think after all the Epic Fail'market examples out there people would know by now.  I guess those people just don't care to pick up a paper and actually read.

I hope all these free market fanboys get sick from bad medicine and food that wasn't regulated.  Get in a car accident because government didn't regulate safety standards.  Get their e-mail blocked and Internet browsing blocked because Comcast didn't like what they said.  I hope Enron comes back and controls their power only to get shutoff during a storm when they need it the most so they can raise stock prices.  In general I hope all these free marketeers get scammed,  ripped-off, and generally taken to the cleaners so I can hear them complain government did protect them.

Either way, I'll pay the extra taxes to know there is government regulation out there protecting my family and kids as they grow.



I think some people overlook the real problem, government regulation.  When has the government ever regulated anything that did not cause them to grow?  The government can't even regulate themselves, why do we always assume that they can regulate the private sector?  Especially with their track record.  The main reason the free market has ceased to be free is because of the government meddling into things that is neither there concern nor their job.  When they bail out businesses they deem to be too big to fail instead of letting them fall we cease to maintain a free market.  Yes a capitalistic society isn't perfect, no society is, but it is the most fairest of the options, because it allows the dollar to be the deciding factor on companies success or failure, not misguided regulations and more government intrusion all under the guise of "fairness".  Any government has one goal, and that's to grow and the more control we give them in exchange for temporary comfort the less freedom we are going to be left with.  Net Neutrality sounds very noble and good on the surface, but it's only the stepping stone into government censorship just you wait.


Zachary K.

but the regulations need change, overseas they have way faster speeds because it is not all about money. in the USA, all we care about is money, providing the absolute minimum for however much they can squeze out of us.



While I know most of the story, but not all of it, I can mostly gather that the FCC is trying to protect customers from the greediness of the large telecom corporations. Their policy regulations will mostly benefit the consumer by limiting the amount of people that will hurt by rediculous charges and throtling put on by companies like Comcast and Time Warner.

I commend the FCC for this, however they're going about it the wrong was and I'm glad that the Supreme Court ruled against it as it was indeed an abuse of power. Don't get me wrong, I'm still a MAJOR advocate for Net Neutrality.



The government needs to stay out of the internet.  Let the free market decide, as those companies that offer a poor product will find their customers going elsewhere.  The more government gets involved, the more it messes things up.



The same free market scheme that said 'Let Wall Street police itself, because no one would be stupid enough to bet so badly that they could lose it all'? 

Yeah.  How much do you really trust AIG?  Sachs Goldman?  You really think the free market cares about anything more than short-term gain no matter what the future cost?



There is a huge difference between capitalism, and cronie capitalism.  http://hulu.com/w/3oaq



Because if you had any idea what you were talking about you would have never posted that.



I agree, the other comments are idiots.

Person with Comcast.

Start a petition, get 50,000 signatures and show that there is a great desire and need for WiFi, and make an effort to better your life. If Comcast is throttling your internet, read though your contract, did you sign that paper that allows them to do so? If you did, then you should have read your contract or brought up that point then. If you didn't then sue Comcast for a breach in contract.

Person about banking.

You too my friend are an idiot. If your too stupid to do your own math with compounding interest, and minimum payments, then you should have stayed in your crib and never touched a dollar. If you go to the local bank and open a checking account, and sign your name on that piece of paper that says they will fine you 200$ for an over draft, then you got nothing to complain about. If however, they added that without notifying you then sue them for breach of contract. Or go to another bank. BTW, if you are too lazy to keep track of your check book, and let it go negative, 200$ is a slap on the wrist for the problems you are going to cause yourself, and others in life.

Companies are in existence to make money, that is what they do. If a company screws people over, people will go elsewhere (or create an elsewhere) and they will lose money. If a company has a monopoly, everyone is OK with that so long as they treat their customers well, as soon as they don't their monopoly comes crashing down. Other companies will spring up and take business from the monopoly and offer better prices, service, or something else to make customers switch.

The government is bad news when they interfere with private business. That's been proven over and over.

-A guy 



there are some thing the govt should regulate and not leave to business to run however they see fit

1: Food

2: Medicine

3: healthcare

4: workplace safety

5: oil prices 





Play till it breaks then learn how to fix it!



Economics 101, supply & demand dictate prices.  What you are asking for is communism, and it has failed every time.



Your right on the friends part, I never really had any.

I am however married, and get "laid" as you call it.

I also however make a lot of money, and tend to be good at stuff in life, having a brain helps with that. 



Okay there, Mr. Internet Tough-Guy:  Apart from the ad hominem (look it up) attacks, do you have anything substantive?

Do you think all regulation is bad?  Do you really trust businesses that much?  How about the folks in Bhopaul (again, look it up, smart guy).  How about all of the folks that live in the Gulf of Mexico?  Fishing is a dead industry.  Many will lose their livelihoods.  Many will lose their homes.  Not to mention the wildlife. 

What the fuck does the free market do to keep this crap from happening.  Put plainly:  If more stringent regulations had been in place, with oversight, this would not have happened. 

Are you that uneducated?  Do you refuse to see the need for regulation to keep things fair, and keep things safe?

Back on point: Are you okay with your ISP charging you more for your traffic at different times during the day?  Are you okay with your ISP charging different prices for different types of traffic?  Are you okay with being metered?  Really?  You're okay with that?

Are you going to switch ISPs?  What if all of them do this?  Don't say that some won't, that the market will create a niche for some that don't.  That's speculative, at best.  Okay, lets say that there's ONE little ISP that bucks the trend.  What if your bully ISP buys that one?

If all you have to say to this is that I am an idiot, then you're not really furthering your case.  How about some real debate?  Or is that beyond you?



If the free market kills it self by over fishing an area, then it does. Times change, there aren't a lot of buggy makers out there anymore, change and adapt or die. Life ain't fair, most of the time if you work hard, and are smart, you can go places. Sometimes even when your at the top of your game, you still get screwed. That's life, that will never change.

The less the government gets involved, the better off we all are.

If my ISP (charter communications) throttles my bandwidth or limits my downloads, I will sue them for breach of contract. If I signed the paper that says they can do all that, I don't have a leg to stand on. I would never ever want the government to swoop in and tell my ISP what it can and can't do. Charter and I, the consumer, would both lose.

So yes, I am OK with all that so long as they went about it legally, if someone is doing something illegal, then sure they should be punished, but apple, deciding what is allowed to runs on their OS is hardly "illegal". I mean gosh, Ford decides what can run in their engine, if you put jet fuel in your Excursion, the engine will probably blow up. I bet you would ask the government to force Ford to build all their vehicles to accept any fuel huh? Gas, diesel propane, water, jet, natural gas, ect.

The direct effect would be Ford goes bankrupt, because that's not "realist" because Ford has to make money (yes they are for profit, which means they do everything possible to make more money and give us a better product to make more money to give us a better product, well I can say if a few more times if you think it will sink in), and if they did make such a car, only Bill Gates or Steve Jobs could afford it. Because they are smart, and people bought their products, which they charge money for, so they can make better products, which they charge money for, so they can make better products, and so on.



Well let's see if I can get past the Spam filter.

 It's all well and good to say the government should stay out of the internet & let the free market decide, but when you have virtual monopolies, there is no free market.  Take for example here in No. Cal.  I have 2 choices (if you can call them that) Comcast or satellite.  Have you ever checked into satellite speed and prices?  Ridiculous!!  So my choice is really Comcast. If they decide to throttle, or limit, I am screwed.  Just how soon do you think it will be before someone runs cable and competes with Comcast.  How bout never!!

If WiFi or whatever ever becomes reality, then maybe the "Free Market" will work, until then, we need government to make sure we are getting a fair deal.

 Yea!! made it past the Spam filter!!



Having the government lay down regulations that dictate that ISPs can't charge different prices for different traffic is a GOOD THING for everyone (except the ISPs).

This whole silly notion of letting the free market decide is a bunch of shit.  Don't you think that the new banking regulations are a GOOD thing?  Y'know, where banks are forced to make you OPT IN to predatory overdraft protection.  Where credit card companies NEED TO PRINT info about HOW LONG it will take you to pay off your balance doing minimum payments.

Do you think that any of the banks would have made these changes on their own?  How was the "free market" helping? 

How is government regulation (the PUC) adversely affecting your electrical service at your home?  Bueller?  Bueller?  The PUC keeps PG&E from robbing you.




Where to go? Congress. If the FCC cannot do it, the only people who can is Congress. Unfortunately...



 I believe only the FCC should be doing all the regulatory stuff for now seeing how they seem to know what their doing (having a background in computers and everything). If Congress were to (hypothetically speaking) impose a web filter across the nation, they should actually know how one works (in more detail than "It blocks bad sites."). If they did know how it works, they would realize it is a VERY bad idea.

I believe we need politicans educated for the digital age to resolve these issues.



that may well work if and it's a BIG "IF" the very people in power aren't paid by the corporations that need regulating like the food industry in the US where several key players in the FCC are in league with or have been heads of large food corps 


Play till it breaks then learn how to fix it!

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