FCC Chair: Google, Verizon Slowed Net Neutrality Resolution



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...Google and Verizon are in NO way legislative entities.  I still don't have a clue why they weren't thrown out on their collective azzes. 

Google and Verizon proposing anything to do with Net Neutrality regs, is like letting drunk drivers propose traffic laws  :/


Keith E. Whisman

Thank god for the FCC, I'm only pissed that Net Neutrality isn't a fact of life yet. We need to stop getting ripped off on other people definitions of what unlimited means. Make it illegal to place bandwidth caps on unlimited net accounts. 



I really think that the FCC is probably one of the only government agencies that I really like... besides the USDA. Prime cut stake... yummm.




Don't tell me that you don't know that the FCC is telling people what the can and can't say on the air waves (violation of 1st Amendment), and is not the government place to say what you can and can't say.  So no the FCC is evil and I don't want them touching my internet, and while I'm at it let go of my radio and TV.

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