FBI Raids Homes of Three Suspected to Have Ties with Anonymous



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They raided the house of a 13 year old kid who downloaded and played with LOIC. Seriously, if this is the best the FBI can do they need to stop trying.



They arrested people for DDOS'ing . Big deal, idiots like that are common comodity.





Apparently this was a nationwide effort; they've arrested 16 so far. Here's the Fox News article about it: http://www.foxnews.com/scitech/2011/07/19/exclusive-fbi-search-warrants-nationwide-hunt-anonymous/



Is this still related to the lulzsec/antisec movement? I actually can't remember what anons original goal behind all this was.



I don't condone what anonymous is. I do however have see what points they are targeting and totally do think that they are going for the right areas and are getting full attention for this. So i appauld their efforts. However, if it was without the use of stealing personal information and/or financial information i would feel that there was justification.

If you take a look at what this group is trying to accomplish you would see that they are doing a very good job at doing it. As for the distribution of personal info and things in which are hurting the employees wrecking their lives, job loss, and what not, this is part of what anonymous is. If you work for a company or organization, in turn you are saying that you support everything that they do and their views. Even if personally you do not, by working for them you are saying you do.

So it is tough to say "good job anonymous" or "good job FBI" for i agree with both.




'"It doesn't matter how many people the 'FBI' arrest.. whether they are core members or not.. #anonymous have started something unstoppable."' 


"lol only 3 , there are millions good luck lol take on another country u cant even see, f*cking pigs "


Talk about Delusions of Grandeur, both in the idea that Anonymous started anything and that what they "started" is unstoppable and the idea that there are millions of anonymous and that they resemble anything like a country.

It takes a special kind of talent to believe you are the champions of "the people" when "the people" by and large dislike you and your ideals to an immense degree.





Apparently Anonymous.. well.. isn't.



Oh, that was brilliant darkstorm977.  Obviously you approve of Anonymous being judge, jury and executioner to anyone they see fit in their small little minds.  And you really believe there are "millions" of Anonymous?  Keep thinking that.

3 will earn 30 more arrests, 30 will earn 300 more, 300 will earn 3000 more.  Hunt these jerks down, lock them up and throw away the key.



lol only 3 , there are millions good luck lol take on another country u cant even see, f*cking pigs 



Obvious troll is obvious!

You skript kiddies are sad and pathetic!


Red Ensign

Sorry but a few thousand irrelevant nobodies cowering behind their PC screens who resort to committing crimes just to get their existance noticed does not a country make.

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