FBI: Computers Infected with DNSChanger Trojan Will Lose Internet Access in July



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The Second Comi...

the bigger question which begs the asking is what is the FBI wanting to prevent this from happening? Is it more onerous legislation? More police powers? The Second Coming of Chicken Pants is wholly aware that any time the government seeks to elicit fear in the People, it is sensational, generally without substance, and for exploitation.



I haven't seen any demands. They're just trying to get everyone aware that they will be shutting down their stop-gap DNS servers on that day so the fallout will be minimized.



My oldest brother's computer was infected with this trojan for a while. I was surprised and a bit disappointed that Malwarebytes couldn't deal with this trojan for all the other wonders it does. I would've tried to look up on how to do it but of course I couldn't do that on said computer and I never thought about looking it up on my computer. It wasn't until Comcast actually sent a letter to him that he finally got it off his computer. For something that seems fairly simple to deal with by following the instructions, I'm surprised AV programs can't go through their processes to remove this trojan.

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