FBI Arrests Alleged LulzSec Hacker



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All these "hacktivists" need to be lined up against a wall and executed.



Will you all stop this bickering any intelligent person knows Canada is the best country in the world. It has snow thats still white,it has water you can still drink, and a political system that makes a little bit of sense. And Canada is not trying to control the worlds oil supply by any means nessesary, including assasiations, bribery, invading other countrys under the guiese of protecting democracy. Also lets see if these coments are enouph to put me on a watch list so i can be arrested without charge, sent to some prison outside the US where I will be denied any rights whatsoever.  Opps I forgot Canada still has some oil left the US hasn,t burned up yet. US the best country in the world? What a joke!



If you learn to spell, perhaps someone might actually take you seriously...



There, there. Everyone notices you and your wonderful nation. I hope that's enough attention for you today. You've been watching Zeitgeist again, haven't you?

I know more than a few Canadians...all cool people. What is it with this rash of idiots on the internet who keep seemingly and hysterically chanting "look at us! We're Canadians! Somebody look at us now!!"



wow holly that was ummm errr - way odd

I usually like your posts - keeps things interesting but this? not sure what who mindwiped you when you were little or if you just want people to think that way.

anarchists and hacker communities can only exist in free societies- but free societies have rules and mores to protect the people.

when you lock into a one party country the only place for the hackers and anarchists are as part of the party machine- you should know that - as the only other place they are found are in prison (if they are lucky)


Holly Golightly

Actually, I hope it is the other way around. I want Lulzsec destroys the FBI's website before the FBI catches any more members. If there is one thing FBI should learn, hackers gonna hack. FBI will never win the hacking war, they are just too fast and FBI is just too slow. Plus, I am pretty sure some non-USA country has the big fish safe from these greedy capitalist. I give them a toast... "To more hacking."





I hope you don't live in America, because every time you post anything on here it's bashing this great nation, and I am sick of it.

Yes, nothing is perfect, but it's still the best place on earth to live. If you are such a fan of other nations/political systems, then go move there.

If you don't live in the US, then stop bashing those of us who do.

To date, nobody has more freedom, than we do here in the US. Those freedoms are quickly being stripped away, but none the less, we still have the most to date.





"it's still the best place on earth to live"

If that's not the biggest load I've heard; you are blinded by pride.

Not even 1 US city on this list.


and this little UN survey




What if one were to start bashing Canada (or some other nation you revere) here? Would you be filled with some blinding pride? I'll bet London is not very high on that list. Sucks for a nation with a near-total ban on the private possession of small arms to stlll be the most monitored city in the world (cameras and whatnot.) Even so, the British have every right to be proud of their nation and the many things they excel at. ...as do you.

Holly thinks capitalism is evil but apparently endorses anarchy. No one will have a pleasant place to live when such a mentality is seen to its fruition.

(I'm not surprised Norway topped such a list. It's too bad such a great and peaceful nation was recently affected by its own violence. It can happen anywhere.)



"Greedy", the new calling card of Libtardia.  Holly is generally up front on her being a devout communist.  Seems like she mentioned her parents importing their US hatin' selves from Mother Russia.  I think she (unfortunately) lives in this wonderful land of opportunity that she seems to despise so much.

Yes, thieves are gonna steal.
Drug addicts are gonna use.
Killers are gonna kill.
And so on.  So let's just do nothing and encourage them to continue their shite.  Nice.



Cute, Libtardia. Again a person who doesn't understand what liberalism is about, but  somehow relates communism to liberalism. 

Since you want to make a stupid generic comment. It's fair that I make one too. "Class Warfare" is the new calling card for those Consuck-a-cock-tards.

P.S. What the fuck are you talking about.  

You and Holly are alike. Just ranting. 



Well said, someone.



From comments I've read here in the past, I'm guessing she(?) is not a US citizen. She thinks Russia is less corrupt and "safer" according to one comment in the past few weeks. Whatever...

The Americans are not without their problems for sure. That said it seems pretty "cool" to always bash the US. Those who do are often laughable hypocrites. 90% of the music and movies they entertain themselves with daily are of US origin. You're all good enough to entertain them, aren't you? ;)

I'll bet none of the corporations that design those computers she enjoys are based in Russia or wherever she's from either.

On another note: I think someone87 is only partially correct about the US having the most "freedoms." It has many more than most, but I'd argue that Switzerland (a much older democracy) has many more in some ways. That's just trivia and debatable though.

I think nationalism is stupid and is usually taken to the point of hatred towards others. Some people that throw around terms like "greedy capitalist," knowing well that nearly the whole of western civilization is capitalist, just aren't old enough to remember the glory days of Mother Russia dominating Eastern Europe with her iron fist. Capitalistic greed is a part of human nature that hasn't yet resulted in mass graves like the whole of my grandfather's family found their end in. ...at the hands of "non-capitalists."



Agree with most of what you said Engesstaub. But I have to disagree with you the Captialistic greed haven't produce mass graves. We just just disguise them a necessary wars. :)


I might criticize my country sometimes and be ashamed of our history doesn't mean I  'hate' America. Some how critcizing anything we do is unpatriotic. True patrotism is knowing our flaws and try to fix them to become a better nation. Well that's my opionion. :)

To me, born in the U.S., have a birth certificate to prove it :), thinks U.S.A. is the country I want to live than any other country.   



Yes, I think your right.

I don't know much about Switzerland, but I have recently heard their people are allowed to do, well just about anything they want.

Sounds like heaven.



Can you guys please get the FBI to help you with people who start their posts with


"very good web: === http://www. . ." ?



Do I think that they will catch the BIG fish? Yes, yes I do. Can't remember where I read it, but there was a study done that listed hackers (the bad ones) are one of the most likely to rat out fellow hackers.



Maybe if he is in the US or England if he is in any other country it will be a lot more difficult. The leader is probably from Romania which now has faster internet than the US woot go us.

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