Fasten Your Laptop: Over 600,000 Laptops Lost at U.S Airports Annually



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The last time I was through the airport, going to security, I took off my shoes, put my backpack on the scanner, then when I got close to it (in line) I took the laptop out and put it in first, then the backpack. I went through the metal detector, got the laptop, put it in my bag, and then put in my shoes. I mean, who's going to steal my shoes?



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Marcus_Soperus what you run through the security scanner.

Don't let your laptop out of your sight, and don't get distracted by your loose change or by slipping on your shoes. My rule of thumb is laptop first, then shoes, then reloading pockets. I like to use small sandwich bags to hold change and keys to make unloading and reloading my pockets easier. 


It's amazing how illogical a business built on binary logic can be.

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