Far Cry 2 Pre-Order Missions Add "Hours of Gameplay" For Pre-Orderers, Deprive Everyone Else



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Any idea if this applies to Steam preorders?  Old or new?  I was thinking of preording from steam...  should I just get the box copy now? or do steam users get the new content too?


Keith E. Whisman

Just buy the game and install it from the DVD or CD's and then update the game and then goto Gamecopyworld.com and get the NOCD/DVD crack or EXEFix. Or just get it off of Steam and you wont have to every worry about a stinking dvd or cd again. Whenever I upgrade or build a new system I just download the games that I have available and that I feel like playing from my Steam account. It's freaking awsome.


Darth Ninja

So does this mean that all the people who pre-ordered the game weeks ago with Steam's FarCry combo pack (myself included) won't get Crytek's 'special' update?

Also if FarCry2 has SecureRom I might just download and run a pirated copy -even though I bought the game- just to avoid it!





Oh well how long will it be when this get's cracked Crysis warhead was cracked in 2 Day's I at least succomed and went out and bought it knowing I would have to reinstall windows again just to get rid of the Drm.

Maybe they should read the article on Maximum Pc  November 2008 Issue Inside the Pirate Mind on page 12



For those that are wondering, here's the FC2 DRM info straight from Ubi's website:

"This video game is protected by the digital rights management software SecuROM which installs additional components required for copy protection on the user's computer and limits the number of installations of the game. During the installation and/or the first launch, an online connection is required to unlock the game."

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