False Alarm: Gold Farming Still Legal in China



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Allow me to stick my tongue out and strut around saying I told you so :D China isn't interested in stopping people from making them more money, they just want to stop gambling.



I have never heard of gold farming much less World of Warcraft. Now I have to check these two items out.



That wasn't a real gold buying website.  I'm shocked and dismayed, now how am I supposed to get that epic uh...thing...that I wanted real bad that dropped off that...guy...that I was unable to kill by myself?!



wouldnt gold farming stop if MMO companies like blizzard sold gold? then there would be no reason for players to go to third party gold sources.



No it wouldn't, because gold farming at least puts other items into the market to balance out the ingame currency, if the company that produced the game did this they would simply generate more money and there would be huge inflation problems.

And for what its worth - any good MMO has many ways to combat gold purchasing:

For instance, in WoW you can't buy everything, most of the high level armors are not tradable, once you get into raid level, everything you use is bind on pickup for the most part.

So the only thing gold buyers really make off with in WoW are things that don't matter in the long run, like mounts and such.

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