Fallout: New Vegas Dev Releases Mod That Makes Hardcore Mode Even More Hardcore



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"So what’s a poor RPG lover to do when he’s done slaying dragons in Skyrim? Mass Effect 3 isn’t coming out until spring."

I'm so overwhelmed with all the games lately I don't know what to play! I started with BF3 and got up to something like rank 28 when Skyrim came out. I've spent 146 hours (according to Steam) so far playing that and I have a lot to go when SWTOR came out. Throw in all the crap I just bought via Steam's holiday sale and I have way more than I can handle. It's just hard to resist a good game at $3-$8.




The above link is to a blog that fixes at least 90% of all Freezes in New Vegas & Fallout 3. 

I run Fallout on a 2600K rig with GTX580 card - no crashes or freezes for months after using this fix.

Happy New Year




What they really need to realease is more patches. FNV is a good game but the bugs just make me frustrated at times. I love you Bethesda, but I don't like that you guys had Obsidian as the developer in FNV. 



Huh.  I figured Obsidian was why this felt LESS buggy than the typical Bethesda release.

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