The Fallout Continues, RIM Responds to Steve Jobs



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Seriously? If you are any kind of geek, how can you POSSIBLY not know that RIM is Research In Motion, makers of the Blackberry? And that's beside the fact that they SAID it in the post! I'm no phone geek and I know that. Get off my internets!!



May be Jobs should have noted that you need to sand down the base of your left thumb to use the Apple iPhone 4 in your left hand... Its not that you're holding it wrong, its that your hand is built wrong....



Jobs is trying to be the bully in a school of mobile platform. And then we see nothing but pointless debating on all fronts from each company's CEO/higher up. 

I'd really like to see how Apple will turn out when Jobs finally quits the company. Gates finally did (or at least is involved in very little) with Microsoft, and it's doing alright.



Jim Balsillie is bang on in his blog post. Steve Jobs is an arrogant tool, thinking that people will believe whatever comes out of his mouth as gospel. The sad part is the sheer number of people who do actually believe the drivel from him. "Oh, maybe it IS my fault that the antena on my iPhone doesn't work!" "Oh, I better not get a small formfactor tablet or else I'll need a stylus!" "Wow, Apple is outselling RIM!" Nevermind that the iPhone4 is a total turd, that people have been using 7 inch screens (and smaller) without issue or that Apples stock just took a downturn because they couldn't meet (the admittedly over ambitious) sales expectations set by market analysts...Saint Jobs has spoken so it must be true.


Mister Friendly



Whether or not that's true, a LOT of stupendously dumb shit has been coming out of Steve Job's mouth lately. The "sand your fingers" comment is just the latest. I think the guy is losing it.

"Sand your fingers" Hmm, there has to be potential for an Internet Meme in there somewhere....



What goes in must come out.  Look at Steve Jobs in the 70's/early 80's, and tell me that isn't true.

Max PC, when you post a picture of Jim, please don't post one with a hockey reference, unless it is RPI (alma mater of a lot of RIM Execs).  For those who don't know, Jim has tried to buy 3 NHL teams (Pittsburgh, Nashville, and Phoenix), and move them to the Toronto suburbs.

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