Fallout 3 DLC Gives Boot to Level Cap, Game Ending



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hey bethesda you have to fix the broken pc version of the game before you release dlc



Everyone I talk to says this game is deja vu from oblivion...and after clocking in 60+ hours on both games (oblivion is more than twice that easy)...I can't help but agree...and that kinda angers me.  That's probably what is bugging me most.  In the end I love both franchises, and I hope the modding community can add something great to this game.



What? Are you crazy? Course, it's all going to get all washed out and homogenous after 60 hours, and maybe then you can compare oblivion to fallout 3, but In my opinion, Fallout 3, thank god for this, is nothing like Oblivion. It goes for extreme quality, as opposed to Oblivion's monolithic quantity. Fallout 3 is an actual game, with well-thought out 20-something quests, and slow leveling and slow gear acquisition. Also it has no weapon/armour tiers, which is nice. (Well, it might, but it's not very obvious. Like I said, Fallout 3 is nothing, imho, like Oblivion.



I'm inclined to agree with STorpedo. I've put in about 30+ hours here, and probably 120+ in Oblivion.  While the game reminds me of Oblivion GRAPHICALLY, as in the world has that dark, yet glossy feel. Kind of weird for a dirty, post-apocalyptic world. Of course, it still looks great. I mostly use the free form FPS mode and not VATS. And as a huge FPS gamer, I love it. Far more strategic and engaging to me than Oblivions gameplay. The hacking and lock picking still haven't become tiresome. And like STorpedo said, the quests are fewer but more thought out. The world, as well, seems more alive and interactive than Oblivion. I think they've done a great job.

Given a title, each developer will approach it differently. And while there are endless ways Fallout 3 could have been developed, I doubt many of them would have been nearly as good. And while there's similarities between this and Oblivion, they are both uniquelly awesome in their own ways.

Can't wait for Elder Scrolls V!



I've been renting this title from my local store and love it.  I didn't even realize that there is DLC, but is the DLC only for PC or is it available for Playstation 3?  If it is available for PS3, how do I aquire it?  I've seen no mention on the store about DLC.



The DLC's Xbox 360 and PC-exclusive. Sorry, man.

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