Fallout 3 Dev: Microsoft's Natal "Wasted on Games," Should be Used for iPhone-Like “Apps”



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scott tech

Something such as this coupled with this amazing and, dare I say, open source device could make the Tony Stark computer a reality. Follow the link for an amzing and cool video...if it passes the filter






Now I really should get back to work




Wouln't need holographic display just ultra thin display on eye glasses combined with augmented reality type overlay to get the effect.



Bethesda is getting ahead of themselves. I'm 99% confident Microsoft already has plans to use Natal technology in other uses. Microsoft has introduced technologies at the "gaming" level, and then ported it to more "productive" uses - The Zune OS on the Zune HD is the framework for Windows Mobile 7, they introduced the HD-DVD on the Xbox360 to see how consumers would react to HD-movies, etc. 



It should be used to turn Windows into a multi-touch experience without the touching.  Minority Report without the silly gloves.  Throw it on the back of a phone and suddenly you can use sign language in place of the virtual keyboard.  A controllerless Wii is weak.

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