Falling Stock: Apple No Longer Most Valuable Company



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I love(d) some Apple concepts as much as the rest. My biggest grip is they are stifling progress for the sake of the almighty dollar.

Add to that, Jobs was the face of the company, like it or not...their "brand." He was nothing more than an image with a slick personalty. Jobs was over glorified, essentially stealing ideas and being a dick. That isn't unlike the rest of the "elite" out there.




They're going to have to do something more than just update the hardware and maybe make the screen size bigger every launch. The iPhone 4 was big because of the Retina display and also Siri.


Peanut Fox

I think had Apple redone the UI for the iPhone 5 and whatever version iPad is was out, that would have done so much more for them than just upgrading the hardware. It's not like Apple's hardware options are any better than their competitors since they use the same platforms.

I don't see it as a big deal for them. When you're on top where else have you got to go?



Apple will never be able to compete in terms of hardware since they get most of the components from their competitors, LG, Samsung, etc. This means that sooner or later the competitors will always be able to release the same parts or better parts like high resolution lcd for their own systems. This will go on until they start building all the parts for their systems by themselves.

Apple should really tried improving their software which was always the reason for their success, until now.



Oh, shit. Fire somebody! Quick!



In the end, they're gonna have to exhume Steve Jobs' body, take his brain, do some marvelous Apple engineering, and start selling computers that can utilize someone's brain to think (even if they're dead). Then, sell that technology, with Steve Jobs' perfect grasp on the market, boom, Another new industry has been created. Apple will continue to dominate that sector and eventually take over the world.



No longer richest company ever? Wow, that was short.



Apple currently spends more money on litigation than R&D.

You can't keep the lead with those business practices.



Sheeple realizing that Crapple is a locked down rip off? Finally? Realizing that tablets are only good for porn and ebooks, but your laptop can do all that and more for a cheaper price?

And people think the PC is dying. HA! NEVER.



Very trollish comment. Can't we all just accept the fact that tablets have a place in the market even if they don't meet all of *your* particular needs? There's plenty to like about the small, thin form factor and the instant-on behavior. Battery life beats out laptops. And since when is a decent laptop cheaper than a tablet?

I would also argue that the touch interface beats out even a decent touch pad.



Forget to take your meds this morning?



Honest reality is they (Apple) haven't innovated since the first iPhone and the iPad. You could say that about any company making smartphones or tablets. The only innovation, if you can call it that, we are getting are: bigger screens, faster processors, and smaller chips with better battery life.

It's all going to catch up with all the companies including Samsung when people realize their phones can only do so much and bigger screens and faster processors aren't going to be enticing enough for people to keep upgrading every other year.

Right now I feel I'd rather spend that money building a better PC or a new TV. Now that's where I see cool innovation coming.



Just one thing to say...

HA HA *in Nelson's voice*




or everyone is getting fed up with litigation happy apple... since they can no longer compete, they are content in suing everyone. because of their patent troll behaviour, there will never be an apple product in my house, i will make it my duty to not recommend apple anywhere.



Lawsuits suck. Apple sucks for doing it and so does Samsung. I guess while we're at it, so does Motorola, MS and every other patent troll company out there.



I think the Apple investors are looking for something new and more exciting. The last new "exciting" launch was the iPad back in 2010, but since then Apple has just been content with tweaking their hardware and making it a little better, year after year. Mostly to stay close to the competition. I think iOS is tired, and old. It still runs great, sure, but I think consumers are getting tired of the same old OS on every single iPhone. Look at the evolution of Android, the changes between 1.0 and 4.2 are absolutely astronomical, and all for the better. The same cannot be said about iOS. Apple better do something magical at the next WWDC or they are going to get eaten alive.



I agree. I've been on iOS and it needs some features to spice it up. I've gotta give Google some credit for their evolution as you say. I don't feel like Apple's got me in a walled garden, but they sure need a nudge to push the OS and add some innovative features to put it ahead again. The one thing I do like about it is that it works and I've never had problems with it.



I remember a couple of years before the house bubble burst I kept saying that the price of houses was not in line with what they should cost, and I was right. I've been saying the same thing with Apple's stock for years now, it's inflated beyond reason.

Not that Apple is not a good company or that it's going under. It's like Coke, there will be people that buy it even if another company comes with exactly the same formula (or a better one)... The Apple lemmings will pay the Apple tax no matter what. But that's not enough to warrant the price of the stock.

Now my current prediction is with the stock market in general. Yes, the economy is recovering, but the stock market indexes are way too inflated and will probably burst not long from now (which, coincidentally, will take Apple's stock even further down, and maybe to a point in which it's actually undervalued and a good buy).



It's taking a beating because the market finally woke up and realized it isn't worth the share price. Now all the rats are deserting the sinking ship. Kinda like the housing bubble, it had to pop sometime.

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