Falcon Northwest's "Tiki" PC Mixes Big Performance With A Small Frame, Tosses In A Polished Granite Base For Good Measure



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Granite contains Polonium, Lead, Plutonium, Uranium and Thalium. I wonder if this PC comes preloaded with Stalker.: Call of Pripyat. Granite base for that extra dose of radon. /s



Yes, but you get what you pay for.



...The only thing they're really doing here is putting a low-profile heatsink on the thing and a 90 degree adapter on the GPU. Not really a breakthrough. That's something most of us could do in our garage, though maybe not with this much polish.



I wish more cases used 90 degree rotated GPU configs.

It is not unheard of, but is far less common than it should be. You can fit full sized GPUs in a small HTPC chassis without issue with just that one change.



"Stuffing that kind of power into that small of a machine doesn't come cheap, however;"

Falcon NW and cheap are not usually used in the same line, as their "budget" machines are more expensive than most OEM's top end computers. Their custom paint jobs will cost more than an OEM machine.

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