Fake Flash Memory Spreading Quickly in China



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 Honestly I feel sorry for them, and for everyone there and around the world who has been effected.

There was a yahoo story about their own children falling sick and 4 dying because of tainted baby formula, where someone added a chemical to make the formula seem more vitamin enriched than it really was. Honestly, how much more expensive would it have been to simply add the vitamins?

I used to think it was a FT-rest of the-W philosophy these scammers had, now I realize it's simply a get rich quick and don't care who [literally] suffers. makes it even more sad.

This will get worse before it gets better.


"There's no time like the future."



The Communist party may rule China as far as the world is concerned, but it's a haven for every illegal, counterfeit, and fake item produced worldwide.  The communists can't do a damned about it, either.  They are completely at the mercy of every sweatshop producing these goods.  On the bright side, it does mean that the communist party there is dying and it is only a matter of time before they are laid to rest.

The down side is that until earnest, strong businessmen clean house in China, it will always be a place to expect anything (and every scheme) for sale.  



Of course soemthing like this is going to come out of asia, nothing against the place but its not like this is the only illegal thing going on over there. Try to stick to big name stores or at least well known ones in your own country 



Maybe I'm misremembering/imagining, but wasn't there a similar issue with counterfeit surge protectors like a a couple years ago?  I think it was prolific in China as well - not that I'm trying to knock China, but it seems like a wide set of circumstances (high population, highly industrial as opposed to arguably post-industrial US and Japan, emerging international economic significance, and others) make China really conducive to these sorts of counterfeit schemes.  It's really unfortunate because so many common consumer products (flash memory as the case in point here) are really good targets for these sorts of things because they're produced largely in China.  Kind of a precarious situation, I think.



The hardware counterfeiting problem's been around a long time. Over a decade ago, for example, there were 486-class motherboards that included fake cache RAM chips. More recent examples have included fake Adaptec controllers, counterfeit Microsoft mice, and counterfeit motherboards. Given the widespread use of offshore manufacturing, it's hard to think of a good solution, but we need one. Sooner or later (if it hasn't happened yet), somebody's going to be hurt or killed because of the failure of a counterfeit computer component.


It's amazing how illogical a business built on binary logic can be.



You forgot to mention the industrial espionage ordeal that resulted in hundreds of thousands of bad capcitors, that would pop or rupture over time.  I think those were also from China.



Well, it was Taiwan, which is governed by China. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Capacitor_plague)

Though that's slightly different than this in that they were just a poor quality product due to the fact that people decided to cut corners...  Whereas here you've got a product that is in no way what it's masquerading as.  At least these capacitors, were, you know, actually capacitors, albeit very poor ones.

In any case...  There does seem to be quite a litany of these type of incidents.  Kinda concerning when you consider that it seems like 95% of stuff is made in China.





Although the mainland Chinese government likes to refer to Taiwan as a "rebellious province," Taiwan is actually an independent nation. Taiwan is also known as the Republic of China, and unlike with the mainland flavor, in the ROC people actually get to vote on who's in charge, and governments change on a regular schedule.

Long live free China - Taiwan!


It's amazing how illogical a business built on binary logic can be.




this has turnd into political. The relationship between Taiwan and mainland China is very simple, they are all "China."

ROC (The Republic of China), the country title contains mainland China and its lands and islands, including Taiwan.

PROC (The People's Republic of China), also contains mainland China and its lands and islands, including Taiwan.

The major differences between both were, the goverment of ROC located in Taiwan, and the goverment of PROC located in mainland China, and their idealism of governing is different. Those are the basic major differences.




As much as I hate politics, I detest ignorance even more. The PROC does NOT include Taiwan as much as the mainland would like to think.

The UN does not recognize Taiwan, but the USA regards Taiwan as an ally and has an agreement in place like they do with Isreal. They help protect Taiwan from the Big Bully across the strait and supply military equipment also. China is ruled by the military and Taiwan is democratic. BIG DIFFERENCE!!  Also material produced in China is usually junk while the quality material comes from Taiwan.

 Pay attention to politics and you may learn a bit, it's usually confusing but you can pick up the basics by reading the news.

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