Fake Facebook Page Lands Woman in Court for Identity Theft



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If an ex-gf keyed my car, there would be no limit to the ammount of damage I would do to her property.  I'd warm up with a full auto paintball gun and several thousand paintballs.  Maybe appetize with a flashbang grenade through her window at 2 AM. 

Don't mess with a man's car.



I'm right there with you.


I find it funny how women are allowed....actually it's "acceptable"....for a woman to go batshit crazy and destroy a mans car/truck/clothing/bank accounts/etc. Yet if a man even prank calls her then it's like he's murdered infants while methed up and singing cadences from a satanic bible or something.

Eff that. If you're a woman and you screw with MY stuff....get ready for the rapture mixed with WW3. You know that song where the chick sings about smashing dudes truck and all? Yeah, take that idea and turn it up to 11.

Had a ex slash my tires once....ONCE. Trust me she learned her lesson. One word-Thermite.

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