Facebook Stock Slides Following Second Quarter Financial Report



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The article says everything about why investors shouldn't play such a large part in our nation's economy... They have lost touch with reality...



If anyone wants to follow me on Facebook you c...

...nevermind. Based on past "friendly" exchanges I guess this would be the wrong site to reach out to "like-minded" commenters. ;)

If only someone like Google would roll out a social network to dethrone Facebook...



Krispy Kreme all over again.



With a PE Ratio of 60, investors were investing based on expected growth, but Facebook isn't an upstart, an "up and coming" or "the next best thing".

Facebook is already an established business, it's growth will not meet expectations no matter what pipe dreams Zuckerberg might envision.

The actual value if you take out expected growth is around $7 per share.

Dan O.



"and Facebook's membership hasn't grown as quickly as investors would like"

Lolwut? Facebook is ubiquitous. Everyone already has one, and those who don't have one aren't getting one - They've heard of it.

The only "growth" I can imagine is new companies (not many) and the (relatively) small number of kids growing up every year whose parents allow them to signup for Facebook. I'm curious to know exactly what their growth expectations were.



I used it for a time, not minding a whole lot about the NFP status and just not sharing private information. They crossed the line when they decided to do an early VIP buy in to get their friends rich, then the general IPO that everyone lost on (and continues to lose).

Hmm, they're going to sell/market the information I posted without compensating me. They will offer an inflated IPO that was doomed to fail by anyone that pays attention to these things and hang a carrot trying to get me to buy the very thing I posted about myself.

I deleted my account. Not disabled. Deleted. Unfortunately, there are a lot more sheeple out there still using this thing.

Find a decent sized rock, write FB on it. Take it to a waterfront. Get someone's attention, and throw the rock into the water. You will be doing a service to anyone who watched you.



Sorry but anyone who invested in this is foolish and knows nothing about the internet. The past is littered with once hyped social media sites that are now abandoned. Facebook will be the next once something else comes along.



Let Facebook die, it,s evil



Why did FB go public at this time? Most companies go public so they can access more cash streams and expand. But FB already had much of infrastructure already built. They were easily supporting you and I and all of our precious data, so why now?



Don't really know the details, but they crossed some boundary in the financial dept. that made have to go public by giving out to many shares or something like that.



Technology firms are a great way for banksters and money junkies to siphon money away from the middle class because all of their 'value' is in intangibles. When mobsters strong armed mom and pop shops back in the day, they had to deal with the inconvenience of liquidating all of their physical assets. With technology firms, you just hype up a gimmick, artificially pump up the IPO and pocket all the money in the aftermath a few months later.

Do I mean that markets like this are rigged so that the little guys like us who dont have any inside information would come in and bet on FB only to have half its value wiped out in a few months? ABSOLUTELY.



Peanut Fox

No surprise. Most all web based companies that have went public these past few years have been greatly over valued. Which is something I find strange. It seems common knowledge that it happens yet people that make far more than I do seem unable to predict it.


Duck Dodgers

How much more do they expect Facebook to grow? They practically give out logons with birth certificates these days.


I Jedi

Can't say I am surprised, to be honest.

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