Facebook Rival Raises $200K Without a Single Line of Code



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I don't see why everyone hates facebook. You just need to set your privacy settings right. It's not that hard.

I believe that the writer of the XKCD webcomic (here) is part of this Diaspora project.



Facebook has had several occasions where private data is essentially made public without your knowledge and consent. While you can go through the process of fixing your privacy settings yourself, the fact that Facebook data is less than secure when your setting are fixed, and the default "let everyone see everything about me and don't tell me" settings made a lot of people angry at Facebook.



Thought they decided on a pretty shitty name till I looked it up. It suits, but I'd still change it. Something more descriptive but still kinda mainstream for the masses. Everyone can't be as obscure (namewise) as goog and yahoo. Old news.

Hell, Have a contest and a BIG press release.


Mighty BOB!

I'm rooting for these guys.  I bet they never imagined in their wildest dreams that they'd get 20 times the funding they asked for.



Looks like it could be pretty cool.  I'll look forward to what they come up with this summer and release a first look at the site.

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