Facebook Refuses To Share Some Personal Data With Users, Calls It A "Trade Secret"



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I'm sick of hearing people bitch about Facebook and your privacy. If you dont like all of your information harvested and available to everyone, by God STOP USING FACEBOOK. This isnt frikin rocket science!

If you use Facebook, shut up and deal with it.

If you don't like their practices, delete your account, but expect all the information you DID have on their to be cataloged and saved for years. But atleast the catalog won't get any bigger.

I have a Facebook Account. Has my real name, thats it. I think I logged into it like 5 months ago. Could care less.



What about those of us who have never had, nor never WILL have a facebook. That does NOT mean we are not also being tracked and marketed at too. You'd be shocked how often Abine pops up and reports to me "users have reported this site works better if you unblock facebook" (including this very site)

I had a myspace page once for about 6 months, and have never had a facebook page, but you can bet that, before I started actively deleting their content from webpages with a security program, that they "owned" a lot of my private data too.



Private firms who collect Information on you know more about you than the government. 

Sad but true, but to the point it doesn't suprise me that they say some of this is their property.  You're using a free service and going around posting information about yourself on another persons page.  Also majority of your "likes" are either hobbies or products you've bought or would like to own, which is great information in large quanities to a company. 


I wonder if you deleted your account, how long it would take them to delete ALL the information provided by you of yourself?  Would they keep all the "intellectual property" they have earned from you and delete all the uselss links to other people and posts or will they delete ALL of it?


In todays age we have no privacy, you can be tracked down by your cellphone, your normal websites you visit, logging into your accounts on any website.  All this information is shared.  Remember that thing your parents used to tell you "Nothing is ever free, there's always a catch".



Ah, corporations need their chops busted once in a while.  It keeps 'em on their toes.



Not sure why everyone is so shocked at the privacy issues of social networks. You are putting information onto another person's server, for all the world to see, at no cost. There should never have been any expectation of privacy, governance or self-ownership of that information.. nor should there ever be.

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