Facebook Plucks Drop.io CEO, Acquires File Sharing Service



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To shuffle around all that personal data they are collecting.

I can't help but think there will be a day, possibly not long off, where people ask themselves "What the hell was I thinking?"


Major Dilly


You may point out the fact that I exaggerated, but maybe you should update your Metadata tags. Just because you point out out direct articles that are specific to FaceBook does not mean you folks don't drop lines in other articles you write. 365 24/7 you have on your sidebar FaceBook this and that. I thought MaxPC was about getting the most out of our computers, not stuff that can be done on the simplest devices of our time. I guess if we claim we started with a  Commodore gives us street cred.

I started with a IBM with dual floppy drives, does that mean I am a genius I don't think so. Get off the The social network and try to fix what is wrong with this country, addressing the syptoms not the root cause.





MaxPC, for guys that claim to be No BS, you sure have a hankering for the BS that is social networking.  Facebook, twitter...jeez louise...cut the crap!

Maximum PC please...very little else, thank you very much.


Major Dilly

Another Maximum PC day and another 2-3 Facebook stories, just make them more popular and make them the voice of the socially inept and disconnected.



Exaggerate much? Our last five Facebook stories:

11/1: Facebook Plucks Drop.io CEO, Acquires File Sharing Serivice
10/29: Captain Obvious: People Lie no the Internet
10/29: BitDefender's Facebook Security App Now Available in Beta
10/20: Google Engineer Makes Facebook Disconnect Chrome Extension
10/19: Mark Zuckerberg Shares Thoughts on "The Social Network"

I'd say that's pretty well spread out, especially considering we post well over a dozen items per weekday.

-Paul Lilly



Paul, I know you mean well, but you really shouldn't feed the trolls :D Its like watching apes at the zoo. They are fun to look at while they are throwing a tantrum. Sometimes we feel sorry for them. But never try and climb in the cage with them.



The second story talks about short falls of Facebook, as well as the 4th one being how to limit the site's power.

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