Facebook Pledges Support for Controversial CISPA Bill



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The Second Comi...

Three cheers for tyranny!



Congresspeople are just stupid. They pushed and pushed for SOPA and PIPA because the RIAA was paying them to do so. But the geeks rebelled because 1-We are not stupid, and 2-We pressured them in to actually doing the right thing. How exactly do they think they are going to let another piece of legislation slip by us unnoticed? So here is more time a money wasted by our government to try to push through something that they will cave to public pressure again. Time and money that could have been used to actually solve real problems. Buttheads.



Do these politicians and enforcement units even thought how useless these legislations?

In order to track someone down (say from an email), they'll need to find the user and owner of a particular ip address. But it's too easy to create annoynmous accounts logging in at different cyber cafes, Starbucks, McDonalds, etc... Not to mention there are plenty of powerful encrytion that can hide the message (OPSA KCUSS) What's the point?



The fact that laws like SOPA and CISPA are clearly useless against actual criminals should make it pretty obvious who's really being targeted. Obvious to the tiny minority who thinks about it for ten seconds, anyway...



piont is they 'have "all of them"- that mean every single one of them.
Every device,is improved on with interference for example.
But I'd say this is a little deep. For the most part,the balance of the market is amoung businesses,rather than among patrons. Although this is not a time to waste money,or time,the advantage is to waste yours and mine.
With the balance belonging to the remainder. Soon we will see stories of the "great Internet myth". Although,its money,its not really big time.



These assholes need to find something more productive to do with their time than sit around and make new cyber legislation.

Thanks for nothing you sorry cocksuckers.



I'm sure the only reason Facebook is supporting this legislation is because it will give them a solid legal arguement for turning data over to the government. "They asked for it, under this law, and we can't be sued for turning it over." A lot cheaper to have a room full of low paid admin people reviewing a piece of paper, running a query, dump to disk and drop in the mail than fighting legal courtrom battle after battle after battle for privacy violations.



No Trade.The different viewpoints on the issue will be every ones demise. What Facebook looks at,and what the govy looks at,will be two different relationships of 'emplementation',of such a law.
Of course of all those companies that are listed 'supporting'the bill,they have everything to gain in the forward thinking of its emplementation. Such as large cushy government contracts for hardware etc.
Support for the bill and the advantages to those supporting will will all be different,and then categorically polarized. With no winners ,or advantage to any one.
The ideal of given me something I'll give you something doesn't work here,or if it does the 'work'leads off in completely different directions as a consequence.
What is needed is an engineering consortium that would design a usable platform for 'individual'security. Rather than these 'total sum'iteneries. ISPs,businesses support this,and for themselves to the same consequence,then we will see something.
NSA just needs to do their job. And leave the tech community to its own . Plenty of change comming w/o this bill.



Some companies supported SOPA too, before the uproar. We DO need to create an uproar, we can't sit back and let these things happen.

Make use of EFF or some similar organization to make your voice heard about this, please.

I love the argument Facebook makes; "Sure, we know there are parts of this bill that rape you of your rights, but just ignore that, we aren't going to participate in that kind of thing."

Facebook cares about your online privacy the way a shark cares about the pain you feel when it chomps off your leg.



Paul, thank you for reporting on this. All, sign the avaaz.org petition to stop this (again) here:


Because companies like Facebook have come out in support of CISPA, it is going to be much harder to stop than SOPA and PIPA were. These slimebags aren't stupid, just evil.



Damn, guess they didn't get the message. Time to bring the big guns. TOR, glad your around. Alright, everyone grab a pitchfork and torch. Again.



I'm not sure I'd be too concerned about Facebook's opinion on this. So they give your information away to the government as opposed to just selling it to companies.



Wow, a bipartisan effort for bullshit.

Too bad clowns from both extremes can't be bothered to cross party-lines to pass legislation that actually helps people.



Party lines are nonexistent when it comes to the corruption of money.



For once.... I'll agree Engels.

Why the hell are they dragging this CRAP back to life again?

How about doing something useful Congress? Say.... unf*cking the patent system?



If you look at bills presented and the votes that get them passed, you will find there is a lot less actual difference between the "2 parties" than their campaign rhetoric suggests.




The only time both sides will agree on anything is when they are both getting paid by the companies that want this kind, or any kind, of BS. Helping people doesn't increase immediate, short term profits...

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